Busting the Common Myths About Auto Shipping

Busting the Common Myths About Auto Shipping

Like many people, you may have moved to new destinations a few times over the years. However, if you’ve never shipped your car, the process may seem to be shrouded in mystery. You’re likely to hear many myths associated with auto shipping that may leave you second-guessing your decision. Yet once you explore your options, you’ll find it’s much easier than you imagined. If you’re ready to bust the auto shipping myths and learn the real deal, here’s what you need to know about auto shipping.

Driving to Your New Destination is Cheaper

This one is the most common and the least accurate of all the myths associated with auto shipping. If your new destination is far away from your current location, auto transport services will always be a cheaper and safer alternative. Should you choose to drive your car to your new home that may be hundreds or thousands of miles away, you’ll spend lots of money on gas, put unnecessary wear and tear on your vehicle, and risk having it damaged or being involved in a traffic accident.

A Non-Running Vehicle Can’t be Transported

This myth is completely false. Even if your vehicle is not running, it can still be transported by a reputable company with experience transporting all vehicle types. Whether you have a car, truck, van, or even an RV that is not running, it can still be shipped to your new location at a reasonable price.

Shipping Distance Alone Decides Your Costs

While it’s true that the distance involved in shipping your vehicle will often be the primary factor in determining how much you’ll pay for your auto transport services, it alone is not the only factor that determines your final transport price. Your vehicle type, size, and weight will be important factors when calculating transport costs. Also, if you want your vehicle to be transported to a location that is remote and difficult to reach, this can add additional costs to your bill. Finally, insurance and other transport fees may also be added to your vehicle’s trip.

All Cars Get Damaged During Transport

If you work with a professional auto transport shipper, there is very little chance your vehicle will be damaged during its trip. To lower the risk of vehicle damage, always look over online reviews when choosing an auto transport company, don’t simply choose the cheapest option, and be willing to pay for an enclosed trailer if you have a vehicle that is particularly valuable or you simply want added peace of mind until your car reaches its new home.

Transporting Vehicles Takes Weeks and Weeks to Do

If it took forever to transport vehicles from one place to another, carriers would make no money since most people would not bother using their services. In most cases, your vehicle can be shipped from Point A to Point B in only a matter of days, most often less than one week. Even if you are moving cross-country, expect it to take at most 10 days.

No Personal Belongings Can be Left Inside Your Car

This is also not true. You can do so if you decide to leave some of your personal belongings inside your car during its trip. However, remember that you will be doing so at your own risk. In some instances, insurance will only cover your vehicle itself and not anything inside the vehicle. Also, you cannot leave anything inside your vehicle that is deemed illegal or hazardous. Finally, you risk having your belongings damaged or stolen during the trip. Generally, it’s safer and easier to remove all personal belongings from your car prior to transport.

Now that you’ve busted many of the most common myths associated with auto shipping, you can confidently move forward when selecting an auto transport company for your vehicle. As you read online reviews, get quotes from several different companies, and decide whether you want your vehicle shipped on an open trailer or inside a climate-controlled enclosed trailer, you’ll be making the best decisions each step of the way.

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