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How to Buy a New Bed: Everything You Need to Know

Are you planning to buy a new bed? Then, you’ve come to the right place!

The popular beds on the market today range in styles and luxury, making it difficult to decide. But it’s one you have to make to find your perfect sleep.

Whether you’re purchasing a mattress or bed set, it’s helpful to know what’s available, what to expect through the buying process, and tips to make it easier.

Keep reading to learn more about how to buy a new bed.

Look for Popular Bed Brands

Many well-known, trustworthy bed brands from Wilding Wallbeds should be considered when purchasing a new bed. Before deciding, it is important to research the brands, their materials, and their features. Consider things like:

  • mattress type
  • the firmness
  • the softness
  • warranty policies
  • customer service

Some of the popular bed brands may stand out as the best match for individual needs. Furthermore, looking into the brands closer to home may be beneficial, as taking advantage of local bed dealers could save time and money.

Additionally, many popular bed brands have mattress showrooms that offer customers a chance to try out the mattresses and settle on a preferred option. Ultimately, deciding on a popular bed brand could be the best way to purchase a high-quality yet affordable bed.

Understand the Different Bed Sizes

The three most popular mattress sizes are Twin, Full, and Queen. A twin-size mattress is 38 inches by 75 inches. A full mattress is 54 inches by 75 inches. A queen mattress is 60 inches by 80 inches.

Before you buy your bed, measure the space you have available for your mattress so that you know what size bed best fits it. Additionally, consider your sleeping habits and the amount of space you need to get comfortable.

For example, a full or queen-size mattress might be better suited for two people, while a twin is designed for one person. Understanding the various mattress sizes available will help you make a smarter bed-buying decision.

Know the Different Types of Beds

The different types of beds can be daunting to understand, so it’s important to know the different options before you set out to buy a new one. The three most common kinds are:

Platform Beds

These beds are made up of a solid platform. They are typically constructed of wood, either with or without a head and footboard.

Innerspring Mattresses

These mattresses are the most popular and have been around for centuries. They’re normally made of steel coils with a pillow top for extra comfort. 

Memory Foam Mattresses 

These mattresses are the most advanced and are gaining popularity. These mattresses are made from high-density foam that contours to the shape of your body for optimal support.

Read Online Customer Reviews

Online customer reviews are a great resource when shopping for a new bed. Reading customer reviews will give you insights into the bed you are researching. It can provide opinions on its style, comfort, and construction.

You can also read reviews on delivery and customer service. This will help you know what to expect if you order your new bed online. Make sure to read reviews from different platforms to get a wide range of opinions.

Check multiple sites, as well as the manufacturer’s site, so you can have a comprehensive overview of what customers are saying. They may also suggest alternate models or product lines that may offer better value and features.

Pay attention to any overall trends, so you can make an informed decision on what product is best for you.

Consider Your Sleeping Habits

When considering your sleeping habits when purchasing a new bed, determine what kind of sleeper you are. Are you a side, back, or stomach sleeper? Are you a combination of multiple sleep positions?

Knowing your sleep position will help you decide what mattress type, feel, and firmness you need. Additionally, an important factor to consider is your weight and body shape. An innerspring mattress may be the right fit for a combination sleeper.

A larger body type may need a mattress that offers more support and an all-over cushion. Memory foam is also a good option. It can be tailored to personal needs and sleeping styles. Consider if your partner has different sleeping habits.

if so, pick a mattress and base that provides motion isolation. This will prevent sleeping partners from being disturbed in their sleep. Lastly, think about any physical ailments or medical concerns you or your partner may have, such as back pain or allergies.

Evaluate the Materials of the Bed Used

Evaluating the materials of the bed used is an essential part of buying a new bed. Knowing what type of materials are used will help you determine the quality of the bed and how long it will last.

Wood and metal are the most common materials used. There are also synthetic materials and fabrics which can provide improved comfort and durability. Be sure to inspect the frame for any cosmetic defects or broken pieces.

Fabric materials come in different grades. That’s why you need to be sure to check how tightly the fabric and weave are stitched together. Also, consider softness level and stain resistance.

Make sure to also research any warranty it comes with, as some warranties don’t cover more than a year of use. This will help you know what types of problems you may face before purchasing.

After gathering all the requisite information about the materials used, you can make an informed decision about the bed and feel confident in your purchase.

Compare the Bed Prices

Comparing bed prices before buying a new bed is essential, as it is a much-needed long-term investment. Start by researching online mattress stores and companies. See what brands and models they offer. Look for important features like:

  • the type of mattress
  • coil count
  • foam density levels
  • customer feedbacks
  • customer guarantees

Make sure to thoroughly read customer reviews in order to gain insight into how other customers feel about comfort and sleep quality. Next, visit a local mattress store to test sleep options and feel the beds with different levels of comfort.

Consider These Tips Before You Buy a New Bed

So there you have it, a comprehensive guide on how to buy a new bed. Now that you know all the different variables to consider, go out, shop around, and find the perfect bed for you!

Don’t forget to measure, read reviews, and pick a mattress you are comfortable with. Good luck!

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