Can You Take CBD Oil and Melatonin Together?

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Relying on CBD and Melatonin both together, did you ever wonder about the consequences?

To a remarkable extent, both are considered for the same purpose, but can we draw any synergistic effects from both of them using together? A quick take-off is YES. It looks like both CBD and melatonin are considered safe. It may even be more beneficial to take them together. 

Insomnia is the most prevalent sleep disorder in the last few decades; credit goes to machine life that does not allow humans to pause. According to the CDC’s Morbidity and Mortality Weekly Report, more than a third of the adult population in the United States is not getting enough sleep. Also, about 25 million people have chronic insomnia (about 10% of the population). 

7-10 hours of quality sleep add up wonders in your whole day, while lack of this significantly increases the chances of different physical and mental ailments. From the available enormous types of treatments, our good to go selection should always be natural with zero or avoidable side effects. 

What could be the most safe-suggested remedies than CBD and Melatonin for the effective insomniac Treatment? Well, we can count on both.

Undoubtedly, CBD has just grabbed the industry’s attention recently, while melatonin has a long-backed history as a natural supplement for sleep disorders.

So, Can we take them both together for some extraordinary results? Or Do they develop any adverse effects while embracing each other? Let’s dig into it a bit deeper!

Do Melatonins Work?

Pineal glands produce the hormone melatonin. Circadian rhythms affect the body’s sleep-wake cycle and regulate the body’s functions such as metabolism. When the body cannot release enough melatonin naturally, people resort to synthetic melatonin to treat their insomnia.

Melatonin levels in the blood peak between 11 PM and 3 AM, indicating that the human body prepares for sleep. Melatonin levels during the day decrease, and other stimulating hormones, such as cortisol, take their place. 

Synthetic melatonin is sometimes used by people suffering from insomnia as a result of low melatonin levels in their bodies. In order to help you sleep, MT1 and MT2 receptors in your brain are activated by this dietary supplement. Synthetic melatonin doesn’t make you intoxicated like other sleeping pills but tells your body it is time to sleep.

How Does CBD Work?

A variety of chronic conditions are treated with CBD oil, including anxiety, insomnia, stress, immune disorders, mood swings, digestion, and metabolism. CBD oil profoundly affects receptors throughout the body due to its interaction with the endocannabinoid system. 

Endocannabinoid receptors are divided into two types; CB-1 and CB-2

  • CB-1 receptors can be activated by the nervous system.
  • CB-2 receptors on the immune system are more active. 

As part of the ECS, several vital bodily functions are regulated, which help to maintain balance within the body. In addition to affecting many of the body’s functions, CBD oil may also affect your sleep-wake cycles through these receptors and interactions. 

What is Common Between Melatonin and CBD?

Using the CB1 and CB2 receptors, CBD aids your body in regulating sleep patterns. MT1 and MT2 receptors activated by melatonin belong to a group of proteins known as G protein-coupled receptors. Both CBD and melatonin affect the body similarly, making them natural allies when promoting better sleep. 

Melatonin is produced by serotonin, which is produced by tryptophan, a member of the tryptophan family of amino acids. As well as regulating sleep and memory, it also impacts mood, social interaction, and appetite. CBD does not increase serotonin levels, but it can mimic their effects by binding and activating 5-HT1A and other serotonin receptors. 

Can I Take CBD Oil with Melatonin?

While further study is still needed to determine the effects of CBD and melatonin, combining the two may be beneficial in the long run. Both substances are complementary to one another because of their similarities. Using both of them together can increase their efficiency. Use melatonin and CBD separately or together with your doctor’s guidance. 

You will be able to sleep faster when you take melatonin supplements because they suppress the effects of hormonal disturbance caused by external factors. Furthermore, CBD contributes to improving your quality of sleep by alleviating stress and anxiety symptoms. By taking CBD and melatonin together, you may be able to achieve good quality and long sleep. 

Moreover, you can also give CBD oil and melatonin to your pets. Both melatonin and CBD work to promote a sense of calm and comfort, as well as an ability to sleep well for your dog. 

CBD Oil With Melatonin Side Effects

The combination of melatonin and CBD oil is not known to cause any side effects. As long as both substances are used correctly, they are quite safe and effective if they are used at the right time.  

Melatonin, however, can lose effectiveness when used constantly. Melatonin is therefore considered the most effective for a short time. You can better regulate sleep-wake cycles by using limited doses of melatonin. 

The cumulative effect of CBD is leveraged. By continuing to use it, your hormones will be in balance. Over time, you will find that it is less necessary to rely on CBD as your cortisol levels decrease.  

Wind Up

So, whenever we go to sleep, we need to use dim light such as red light. Several studies say that when you go to sleep, avoid turning on the blue light because blue light suppresses melatonin. If you need to improve your sleep-wake cycle, then you should change your lifestyle. While melatonin and CBD oil both are good for insomnia and other sleep disorder. Combining both of them can boost their efficiency.

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