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Cannabis Equipment You Need to Start a Cannabis Business

Were you aware that the cannabis industry in America is worth more than $13.2 billion?

With cannabis laws loosening across the country, selling cannabis shows tons of promise for people who want to start their own businesses. If you’re passionate about providing high-quality cannabis to people who can use it recreationally or medically, then now is the perfect time to enter the market.

Do you want your business to be a smashing success for many years to come? You’ll need to invest in the best tools that will make your job easier and ensure each plant grows well. Continue reading this guide so you can learn about the top cannabis equipment you should consider buying.

Environmental Tools

Growing cannabis can be challenging at times since this plant requires specific conditions to thrive, much like many other types of plants. You’ll need to take some time to learn about the cannabis plant’s ideal growing conditions and get environmental tools that will keep the plants happy.

Cannabis likes around 50% humidity and 72-82°F with the lights on and 66-70°F with the lights off. If you aren’t being diligent about maintaining the environment, then you could promote mold growth or harm your plants in other ways.

Grow Lights

Cannabis needs a lot of light, so grow lights have to be at the top of your growing equipment list. Grow lights supply a reliable stream of light regardless of what the weather is like.

When your cannabis plants are growing, you should plan on leaving your grow lights on for 18 hours and turning them off for 6 hours each day. Once your cannabis has flowered, you can reduce your light cycle to 12 hours on and 12 hours off.

Measuring Tools

When it comes to growing supplies, you’ll also need some devices that help you measure the health of your plants to ensure that you’re making good progress during the growing season.

You should invest in total dissolved solids (TDS) and pH meters that are simple to use so your employees won’t spend lots of time determining if the conditions are still favorable.


Another one of the most helpful cannabis devices is trimmers. New cannabis businesses try to keep their expenses low by hiring people to trim the cannabis plants by hand. While this is cheaper in the short term, their wages will add up over time.

Once you’re ready to scale up, you need to invest in trimmers that will cut down your labor costs. You’ll have to spend a lot of money upfront, but you can save in the long run and become more efficient.


Sorters are also handy machines that will cut down on your labor expenses. You’ll need to save up for these devices or take out a business loan, but they pay for themselves in a short amount of time.

These machines will help pick apart the cannabis plant so you can keep what you want and discard the waste products. Automating will make this step fast since sorting by hand is tedious.

Drying Racks

Have you ever noticed that fresh herbs seem to go bad within a few days after harvesting them but dried spices can last for years? To keep your cannabis business lucrative, you’ll need stellar drying racks that will properly preserve your plants after you’ve harvested them.

You don’t want to get cheap with this step since the quality of your product will suffer if your plants aren’t dried well.

A Cannabis Grinder Machine

Every cannabis business can benefit a great deal from having an industrial cannabis grinder machine. A common mistake that cannabis businesses make is grinding their flowers too much and creating dust.

Having a cannabis grinder machine will not only take the work out of grinding your flowers, but you’ll also get perfect results with every batch.

A High-Quality Security System

It’s an unfortunate truth that many cannabis businesses become targets for theft. This industry is super lucrative, so people may try to steal your plants after you’ve put in the hard work to grow them. For this reason, it’s always worth investing in the best security system on the market.

While the focus should be on your growing area, you should have some cameras surveilling the rest of your property. This can help you detect suspicious activity before anyone attempts to steal your plants.

Retail Scales

Large cannabis businesses process a massive amount of cannabis. Since little servings can be sold for a sizable price, it’s crucial to get your measurements down pat. Working with retail scales will allow you to be as accurate as possible.

Keepign track of your measurements can also help you figure out how well your business is performing each year. If your numbers are down, you can take steps to figure out the cause and fix it for the next growing cycle.

Safety Gear

Working in agriculture comes with risks no matter what types of plants you’re growing. You’ll need to give your employees safety gear so that they can protect their health.

Gloves and eye protection are must-haves and you’ll also need to equip your workers with respirators if they’re going to use pesticides or other harmful chemicals. Shoe covers, hair nets, and aprons may also be appreciated.

Your Business Needs to Invest in This Cannabis Equipment

Buying the right cannabis equipment is the key to reaching your greatest potential when you’re running a cannabis business. After reading this guide, you have all of the resources that you’ll need to get ahead and start churning out huge profits.

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