Caviar Production: Where does caviar come from?

Caviar Production

Cooks around the world create exquisite delicacies with caviar as an ingredient. However, few people think about how Russian sturgeon caviar and other types of products are made. “Black pearl” is fish caviar comes from unfertilized fish eggs.

The popularity of the product gradually reached a new level, and today every gourmet is burning desire to taste this delicacy. But what does it take to produce it? To find the answer to this question and quench your curiosity, it is worth checking their website and reading the content of the article.

How is caviar harvested?

Collecting caviar is not an easy process, because it is necessary not to miss the moment when the fish are preparing to spawn. Previously, producers had to develop complex strategies, but today this procedure takes much less time. Caviar production involves:

  • controlling the fish, including reaching a certain age depending on the species;
  • determining when the eggs can be harvested is done using ultrasound;
  • caviar harvesting.

The complexities of production are related to the fact that it takes from 3 to 18 years for the individuals to mature. Farms that are designed to breed fauna inhabitants simulate the natural environment for proper control of the process.

How is caviar harvested

Classic method of harvesting

The classical caviar collection procedure is outdated, so more and more producers are abandoning this method. The problem is that the process requires killing the fish. Traditionally, the procedure was performed according to the following algorithm:

  • placing the fish in cold water to reduce mobility and render it unconscious;
  • after killing, the harvester would clean the limbs with water, preparing the fish for the next step;
  • an incision along the stomach allowed the caviar sacs to be removed and the fish itself to be cleaned and sent for sale.

Although the system of caviar harvesting has been used for a long time, the humanity of the method has been questioned many times. Thanks to the efforts of the available organizations, the producers began to use another method for the collection of source of caviar.

Humane method

The cruelty of the traditional method of collection led to a rapid decrease in the number of sturgeons. For this reason, changes were made to the procedure. Now the caviar is collected without killing the fish.


For caviar come from fish it was necessary to reconsider the attitude to the procedure and to make important changes. First of all, it was decided not to place the fish in cold water. Now the preparation of the caviar collection is as follows:

  • introduction of a hormone for painless removal of the membranous sac;
  • injection of sedative medication to facilitate the collection process;
  • cooling to an optimal temperature to avoid stress.

The preparatory phase takes longer than the classical collection method. However, care for the environment and fauna forces the development in the right direction. Since the fish stay alive, there is the possibility of getting the much-desired caviar again.


Special harvesters are still used to collect caviar. They are needed to perform the “cesarean” procedure. The combiner gently cuts open the fish and takes out a sac of caviar. The individual is then sewn up and suitable conditions are created.

In the second case, the combiner is used to milk the fish. This procedure is called alternation. The combine massages the eggs in order to simulate the natural process. Upon completion, the eggs are washed in a special solution to preserve the desired texture.

Once the collection procedure is complete, the caviar bags are further processed: they are opened, wiped and separated caviar is from the shell. The final product is washed, salted and packaged in jars. Labels will be applied when the collection and preparation of the product is complete.

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