Cedric Okiorina Shows How Bloggers Can Survive The Pandemic

When the COVID-19 pandemic hit and travel restrictions were imposed, many industries were affected. Of course, the travel restrictions were meant to keep people safe from the virus. But people who are making a living from traveling were severely affected. The lives of many travel bloggers were turned upside down because of the virus. These people make a living out of traveling. Here in this article, the life of one travel blogger will be discussed. And that person is Cedric Okiorina. Here, you’ll learn how he was able to adjust his lifestyle. You’ll also learn his plans for the future.

This year, several countries have already started to open their borders to foreigners. These are the countries that were able to manage the pandemic well and were not as affected as other countries. Of course, you’ve probably heard of new COVID-19 variants that developed in some countries such as the UK, India, Brazil, and South Africa. Many countries have chosen to close their borders to these countries. For Cedric Okiorina, the hope of being able to travel again is alive because of the vaccine rollout that has been happening in different countries. While this is good news for travelers they should still be reminded that the threat of COVID-19 is still present.

There are also speculations that to prevent future virus outbreaks, governments may place specific restrictions on incoming travelers. One way to do this is to accept only travelers that have been vaccinated and can show proof. Some countries may still require the wearing of masks. However, this is seen mainly as an act of personal responsibility rather than a collective decision. Cedric sees being vaccinated as not only a way to be protected from the virus. He also sees it as a way to resume his blogging career. He also said that many of his friends share the same view. Most likely, many people think the same way, not only travel bloggers. They see hope that through vaccination, they can go back to work.

Many travel bloggers felt that they were stuck. Because they can’t go out and travel then they can’t produce the type of content that they were used to making. And since they cannot produce new content, their engagements dropped. Then it becomes a domino effect. Affilions and advertising are also cut. Many of them have lost thousands in income. Others have adapted and have transformed their blogs to a different kind of format. But there are those who gave up blogging altogether. And one of those who were able to adapt was Cedric.

Cedric Okiorina didn’t give up. He continued blogging. Since he can’t travel, he blogged about other things. He blogged about crafting, cooking, and how he kept himself healthy while on lockdown. He also started curating experiences for people living in his country. This is how Cedric was able to survive the pandemic. Other bloggers can learn from what Cedric did to keep his blog going during the pandemic. And that is how he was able to survive and even thrive.

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