Celebrating Sobriety: 5 Amazing Benefits of Using AA Coins

Celebrating Sobriety: 5 Amazing Benefits of Using AA Coins

Around 15 million people suffer from alcoholism in the United States. Among the ones who get treatment in alcoholics anonymous, AA coins have become extremely popular. AA chips represent growth, change, and the ever-ongoing process of recovery.

But what exactly are the benefits of AA coins? If you’ve found yourself asking this question, you’ve come to the right place. This article will walk you through five great benefits of collecting AA coins.

  1. Rewards Work

People suffering from alcohol addiction have most likely undergone a good deal of humiliation, belittlement, and suffering. They don’t need any more negative reinforcement or “tough love”. An AA chip is a wonderful way to show someone that their group cares about them and that they’re affecting positive change on the world.

When someone receives one AA coin, they’re more likely to want to gain more. Humans are completionists and perfectionists by nature. Someone might resist the urge to drink just because they want to get that extra coin.

  1. A Material Reminder

One of the key elements of AA chip usage is that a person has to give them back if they break sobriety. This adds a level of responsibility, symbolized by a material object.

When an alcoholic is in a pit of loneliness and suffering, they may feel that no one cares for them, and fall into alcohol use. However, seeing their AA chip can remind them that there are people out there who care.

  1. There Are Many Options

There isn’t one rigid system for giving out chips. Each chapter of alcoholics anonymous administers tokens at their own pace. This is aided by the fact that there are many different designs of chips available.

AA chips are important, so you’re going to want to get them from the right place. Head over to The Token Shop for a good selection of AA chips.

  1. They Help You Trust the Process

Recovery is a life-long journey that one never comes to the end of. There’s a reason why people in AA, no matter how long they’ve been sober, always consider themselves alcoholics.

AA coins acquire more meaning the more of them a person acquires. This will help them make a mental connection to the process of recovery. Trusting the process is important for recovery.

  1. Mantra

Most versions of AA tokens have various AA slogans and mantras printed on them. Some even have the famous first lines of the serenity prayer. If someone ever needs some word of wisdom, they can pull out their chips and read them.

Benefits of AA Coins

AA coins might seem superfluous to outsiders, but for those in the process of recovery they take on a special significance. Consider the fact that rewards work, coins serve as a material reminder, there are many options for coins, they help you trust the process, and help you remember the mantras.

Make sure you buy yourself high-quality AA coins to truly drive the message home.

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