Challenge Coin Makers: How to Choose the Right One for Your Company

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Did you know that studies have proven that rewarding individuals for exceptional work can promote better individual and team performance? With this research in mind, challenge coin makers produce commemorative tokens that celebrate achievements, milestones, and build team spirit.

There are many different companies that make challenge coins these days. How do you pick the best challenge coin company for your team? In order to simplify the process, we put together this quick guide to challenge coins, and all the features you should look out for when picking your challenge coin maker.

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What Is a Challenge Coin?

A challenge coin is a custom-made piece that can commemorate an achievement. An apt comparison is an AA chip. An AA chip is a token that celebrates a sobriety milestone while a challenge coin can be designed to celebrate professional or personal accomplishments.

They can be any shape or pattern. You can get medallions, coins, tokens, and more.

Design Components

The design of your coin is the most important part. You want to keep an eye out for a challenge coin company that offers lots of different plating and colors. You can make custom challenge coins with your company’s logo, or anything else you want!

Check if your company will give you a sample coin, so you can check the design and the quality before you commit to a larger order. This ensures that your vision is accurately rendered, and brought to life.

Turnaround Time

You always want to ensure that your challenge coin company can meet your deadline. If you’re getting coins for a graduation, a company event, or a fundraiser, you need to make sure that your order will arrive in time.

Challenge coins are difficult to make, the handcrafted artwork takes time to design, manufacture, and inspect. Always check how long it takes to manufacture the coins, how long the shipping takes, and if there will be any delays to the processing.

In addition, check the shipping cost. Some companies offer free shipping for bulk orders, but sometimes the free shipping will take up to 12 weeks! This can blow past your deadline easily, so make sure that your shipping is both affordable and speedy.

Read Reviews

The best way to get a clear perspective of a challenge coin maker is to read reviews. The company is sure to tell you that they make high-quality products with a fast turnaround. But, real customers can give you a full perspective of the product, the customer service, and the quality that you can expect.

Pick the Right Challenge Coin Makers

A challenge coin is a wonderful way to commemorate any experience. Whether you’re marking an occasion or honoring an achievement, pick the best challenge coin makers with the above tips. You’re sure to love the result and the impact it has on your team spirit.

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