Chicken Raising For Beginners: How to Get Started Today

Chicken Raising For Beginners

More than 13 million Americans have decided that raising chickens is something they want to try their hand at. If you’re reading this, we’re sure you’re one of the many that have decided to take chickens from the farm and place them in your backyard.

We’ve compiled a chicken raising for beginners guide that will fill you in on some vital information when it comes to backyard chickens. Get ready to have fresh eggs every morning once you get things going.

Check Your Ordinances

You might be wondering why you need to do this if you’re going to place the chicken coop in your backyard. You want to check the ordinances laid out in your area because you want to avoid unnecessary issues at all costs.

Having chickens might not even be allowed. Therefore that’s something you want to look into. You also want to figure out how many chickens you’re allowed to have if raising them is allowed.

Clear Some Space

Chickens need ample room to grow and wander. This is why you need to figure out if you’ve got the right amount of space in your backyard before getting some chickens. Map out where you want to place your chicken coop and, from there, work out where the feeder and water will go.

You also need to consider having enough room for a roosting area and a nesting box for your hens.

Cost of Food

Every farm animal you come across will have specific needs, including specialized diets. Chickens are no different; before raising them in your backyard, you need to calculate the amount of food and the type of food you will need to feed them.

Gather prices of the feed in your area and information about the quality of the feed that you’re getting. Once you’ve done this, you can ask others in the area that raise chickens how long it takes them to go through an entire bag of feed.

Keep Your Garden Close

What does a garden have to do with chickens? If you’re an avid gardener, having chickens in your backyard is more beneficial than you realize.

Once you’ve gathered your crop for the year, allow the chickens to wander into the area where the garden is. Chickens are the right choice for pulling weeds and leaves that wreak havoc in garden spaces.

Not only is it free food for them, but it saves you valuable time on your hands and knees pulling weeds.

Chicken Raising for Beginners: Here a Cluck, There a Cluck

After checking out our chicken raising for beginners guide, we’re sure that it’s taken the chicken out of you and been replaced with confidence. Take the time to find out how many chickens you’re allowed to have in your area and clear the right amount of space for them.

We hope that everything you were looking for and more, was found right here. For more useful information, continue scrolling through this section and have a good clucking time.

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