Choose Caloundra Apartments for Sale and Ditch the City’s Heavy Traffic for Sand and Sunshine 

The Covid 19 pandemic and the skyrocketing cost of real estate has paved the way for homebuyers to start investing in coastal properties. There is still a high demand for outer metro suburbs but inner-city suburbs are also gaining attention from first time home buyers. But with many people exchanging traffic for sand and sunshine, the demand for Caloundra apartments for sale in the Sunshine Coast remains high. 

Lifestyle changes and the availability of remote work as part of the new normal has been the catalyst for such an exodus of people moving to the Sunshine Coast.

Why Choose Caloundra Apartments for Sale

On top of lifestyle changes, apartment units are also within walking distance to some of Caloundra’s most beautiful beaches. You can’t ignore the potential value of Caloundra apartments for sale. If you’re looking for a property that is close to the beach with a great view and at a reasonable price, then Caloundra is your best bet. 

It’s no wonder that Caloundra properties are highly sought after not just by tourists but by locals who want to move in the area. Caloundra has everything you need in a country town. It has favourable weather in a spectacular package of picturesque coastline. The view of beautiful beaches from your apartment unit is something that you will not trade for traffic in the city. 

What Are the Things To Consider When Buying an Apartment?

Apartment trends are constantly changing. Gone were the days when you choose maintenance-hungry homes and upsize or downsize them. Today, it’s more about Right-Sizing your home, meaning understanding your lifestyle, decluttering your space and having a space that is right for the size of your family and one that you can fully utilize.

Below are top things to consider before buying an apartment:

1. How it affects your lifestyle

It is best to assess your lifestyle first before deciding to buy Caloundra apartments for sale. Do you want a property where you can interact with others or do you want to be secluded from the rest of the community? It all depends on the kind of lifestyle you want for your family.

One advantage of living in an apartment is that you can have access to amenities and features that are not available in a regular home. Facilities in an apartment unit have a long-term appeal. They also help you and other residents to create a sense of family and community. If these are not available in the cheap units for sale Sunshine Coast property, make sure the apartment is located in an area close to facilities such as bars & restaurants.

2. How much can you afford

Before buying an apartment, consider how you can finance your home or how you can afford it. It’s possible that you can sell your existing home so you can buy a new one in full but if your family home has a rental appeal, you can actually put it up as a rental unit and use your rental income to finance the new apartment. 

Apartment units do not cost as much as houses so if you are comparing prices, you can get something more luxurious in the apartment market than in the housing market. If you can’t afford to buy an apartment, look into Caloundra houses for rent and see how it can fit into your budget.

3. The impact of your potential neighbours

No one can tell what type of neighbour you can have in an apartment complex but they can still have an impact on your lifestyle. Before you choose any Caloundra apartments for sale, ask the agent about other tenants in the building. Make sure to thoroughly check the neighbourhood before signing the contract. This will give you a chance to assess how their lifestyle can affect yours in the long run. 

Finding the Right Property in Caloundra

There have been some major changes in the real estate business in recent years. By taking note of the factors mentioned above, looking for the right apartment or houses for rent in Caloundra for your family to move into will be a breeze. 

Dig underneath the price tag and really assess the property for sale before deciding to buy it or signing a contract. If you need more advice in buying an apartment in Caloundra, go ahead and visit our website to stay updated with the latest trends in real estate.

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