Choosing the Perfect Standing Desk Floor Mat: 4 Key Features to Look for

Have you ever wondered if you should consider switching to a standing desk?

If you feel like sitting all day is damaging your body, you’re on the right track with that thought. Standing desks can improve your health and help you work without straining your body.

If you’ve purchased a standing desk, the next piece of equipment you’ll need is a standing desk floor mat. These mats help ensure that you have a safe surface on which to stand.

So how do you choose the perfect standing desk floor mat? Here are the top 4 features to look for.

1. The Material

Different surfaces need different materials to protect your feet and cushion your joints. For hardwood or tile floors, a thick foam material is ideal. This is because it’s dense enough to provide substantial cushioning and support.

If you’re on a budget, going with a pure rubber mat is also a great option. They are available in a variety of sizes, shapes, and thicknesses.

Ultimately, the material you choose should depend on your personal needs. So be sure to consider the floor surfaces you will be standing on and select a material that fits.

2. Convenience

A good standing desk mat should be comfortable, easy to clean, and non-slip for maximum safety and stability. Consider the surface material to make sure it’s soft and durable enough to absorb impact. It should also offer proper support for your feet, legs, and back.

When assessing convenience, also take into account the size of the mat and how easily you can move it around. The best standing desk mat should be large enough to provide ample room to comfortably work. But, it shouldn’t be too cumbersome to transport and store.

3. Beveled Edges

Beveled edges provide a subtle angle around the edges of the mat. This keeps them from curling up, making for a sloping transition between the mat and the floor. This is key because it prevents the user from tripping when entering and exiting the mat.

Also, they help reduce stress in the feet and legs by providing a slight cushion. This lets the user stand comfortably throughout their work session.

4. Active or Flat

Active mats move with the person. They work to promote subtle activity through the legs and feet when standing.

These mats are optimal for providing comfort and promoting healthy posture and balance. They can even help with calorie burn when standing. Meanwhile, flat mats are for individuals who favor a stationary standing experience.

Both types of mats are beneficial. Before you choose one, be sure to consider what your needs are.

Choosing the Perfect Standing Desk Floor Mat

The perfect standing desk floor mat will depend on the individual and their workspace. Try testing out a few to determine the best fit – both for comfort and function.

Ultimately, find the right one for your space and reap the benefits that a higher quality of life can bring! Get started today.

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