Choosing the right colour for your saree

5 Ways to Make a Style Statement in a Gorgeous Silk Saree

A saree is one such traditional outfit that can make any moment woman beautiful almost instantly. However, to look gorgeous in a saree, you need to ensure that the saree is draped properly. You should also choose the right colour for your saree to make yourself look glamorous. So, here we are with some interesting tips on how exactly you will select the right colour for your saree.

Choosing the colour depending on your height:

If you are tall, you should always go for a saree with bold colours and large prints. Sarees having large prints will make you look slightly shorter. Your Organza Saree should also have heavy borders. Nowadays, heavy borders with contrast colours have become extremely popular in the market. If you have a short height, then you should go for light colour sarees having vertical prints. It will create a visual illusion of length. Light colour sarees also add height to your body. You can also go for sarees of light fabrics like georgette, silk or and chiffon.

Choosing the colour depending on your body weight:

Overweight women should always go for sarees having dark colours. It will make them look slim; They should try to stay away from sarees with heavy borders to make you look bulky. If you are a slim woman, then you can opt for sarees with heavy embroideries. It would help if you also tried light colour sarees like pink, white, yellow and other lighter shades. An Indo Western Saree is a paste shade that will also make you look really beautiful.

Choosing the colour depending on your complexion:

The colour of the saree that you are wearing should also depend on your skin colour. Women with fair skin tone can choose almost any colour for their Designer Sareesand they will look beautiful. You can choose between darker and lighter shades. There are also a huge variety of pastel shades available that can give you are fabulous look. However, if you have dusky skin, you should refrain from wearing sarees of bright colours. Instead, you can go for dark and sober colours. It is going to add gravity to your overall look and also make you look sophisticated.

Choosing the colour depending on your personality: 

The colour of your saree speaks a lot about your personality. Not all colours will match your personality. If you are a relaxed and friendly person, you can go for pastel shades. Burgundy colour is perfect for a sophisticated look. You can also go for orange and red if you are a lively person. Women who generally like to wear pink have an open heart, while yellow reflects optimism. So, choose your colour depending on your personality, which will make you look beautiful.

And this is how you can choose the perfect colour for your saree. You can also get your Designer Sarees from us at an extremely affordable rate.

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