Christmas ideas you and your family can do for the less fortunate

While many people open presents and enjoy time with friends and family to spend the holidays, others may not have the same luxury. Undoubtedly, everyone wants to support those in need, and they understand that while the holidays are a time for giving, they are also a time for spending. If you’re curious how you can help out during the holidays while also getting gifts for everybody on the list, there are plenty of options. While you’re browsing the catholic shop, check out this article for some innovative and simple ways to give back during the holiday season.

Christmas jar for spare change

Invite everyone in the family to put their pocket change in the ‘Christmas Jar’ throughout the year and watch it grow. There’s no obligation to contribute cash, but if you have any spare change from buying the Sunday paper or pennies ringing around in your pockets, toss them in the jar. Take a vote on the matter at the year-end to decide which cause or charity you want to donate to, and then go together and make your donation. This is a great custom because it will encourage you to feel like giving throughout the year, and it is really simple to implement.

Appreciation letters

Giving back during Christmas doesn’t have to be to a charity; doing something kind for the people in your life is just as essential. Asking your children to choose someone they are grateful for and send them a letter of thanks is a wonderful way to help them donate charitable Christmas gifts and think about others throughout the holiday season. It may be Granny who picks them up from school every day or their teacher who helps them when they’re having trouble – whoever they wish to express their gratitude to, they can mail or deliver a letter in time for Christmas.

Make food for the homeless.

Choose a morning during the week before Christmas to carry forward to the neighbourhood by preparing meals for the homeless. Plan the food as a family, determine what sandwiches to cook and snacks to include, and shop for materials at the grocery. Make the meals together, assigning each person a specific task on the production line.

Donation stockings

A simple family custom to establish is to put a little cash in each child’s stockings as an additional gift and encourage them to contribute it to a charity of their choice. It doesn’t necessarily have to be a huge amount of money – even a few pounds can suffice – but giving children the freedom and responsibility to choose someone they want to aid sends a powerful message.

Volunteering at a local animal shelter

If your kids are animal enthusiasts, volunteering at an animal shelter will be a dream come true. You’ll need to plan for this, but it’s a great way to do something nice and teach your kids about volunteering while having fun with adorable animals who need affection.

Give the gift of a shelter parcel.

By giving a refuge parcel this Christmas, you may help children and women fleeing domestic abuse. Refuge parcels range in price from $10 to $100, so the amount you donate is entirely up to you. Your refuge boxes could include toiletries, meals, and clothes for individuals who have been victims of domestic violence, as well as a Christmas gift for a kid who has misplaced their favourite toy.

Even as you explore the Catholic shop, think of some other spontaneous acts of generosity that might brighten someone’s day and make you feel good about yourself. Hopefully, this article has given you a better understanding of all the ways you and your family may help your neighbourhood and the globe at large.

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