Common Tooth Misalignment Problems to Look Out For

Tooth misalignment is a popular issue, affecting almost 90% of our population. Clearly, this is an issue that needs to get more attention as so many people deal with it.

If you’re someone that has bite problems or dental misalignment, you may not even know that there are other health problems that you can experience as a result. Are you dealing with bad breath or headaches that seemingly come out of nowhere? Your bite may be to blame.

Keep reading to learn about some common issues that may come up if you have tooth misalignment.


Because of the uneven wear caused by dental misalignment, you may end up getting a lot of strain on your jaw. This will lead to chronic headaches that feel impossible to get rid of. If you’re struggling to determine why you have headaches all the time, the reason may actually lie in your teeth.

Gum Disease and Tooth Decay

The bacteria that live in your mouth can easily get into nooks and crannies that are hard to clean with misaligned teeth, leading to an increased risk of gum disease and general tooth decay.

As the bacteria build up in your mouth to create plaque and tartar, you’re more likely to experience a change in the acidity level of your mouth. This is what will create cavities and inflammation that, down the line, will cause even more issues.

Tooth Damage

As we said before, misalignment can cause your teeth to wear down unevenly. This might mean that the teeth are rubbing on each other in ways that they aren’t meant to, creating increased friction. Tiny fractures might start to form in the teeth that will leave them more susceptible to damage in the future.

Bad Breath

Bacteria can live on your tongue, in your throat, on your teeth, and on your gums. When you practice good dental hygiene, most (if not all) of the bad bacteria will be cleaned away.

Bacteria that live in your mouth and aren’t cleaned out can cause bad breath because they work to break down things within the mouth. They sit in the spaces around your teeth that may not get as clean, so they can give you halitosis.

TMJ Disorder

Due to the strain that is put on the jaw when you have common misalignment, you’re causing excess wear to this part of your body as well. The hinge joint can wear down over time and result in TMJ disorder. In many cases, this is an uncomfortable pain that will create problems with eating, talking, and swallowing.

To prevent TMJ disorder, it’s crucial that you speak with the professionals at Edge Orthodontics to find a solution for your misaligned teeth.

Deal With Tooth Misalignment Today

As you can see, tooth misalignment is more than just potentially uncomfortable or unsightly teeth. It can actually cause a lot of health concerns that will be difficult, if not impossible, to ignore.

Talk with your orthodontist today to get the treatment that you need.

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