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One of the things that Americans have long figured they couldn’t save much money on choose to the what aims and is handled in their medical bills. Sure, you can try to compare drug prices to find the cheapest source locally, or at least within the country, but as many would argue, healthcare in many countries like the United States is far from ideal.

Well, we aren’t here to make a political statement, but if you want change in the way pharmaceutical companies behave in the United States, and you want the United States to be very aware of your dissatisfaction with the status quo, the best way is the same as you do with any other company, deny them money. Sure, you may find yourself in a situation where you can’t just do without your medicine, and that may make you think that simply denying the money won’t help. They may have your proverbial tenders in a vice, so to speak.

This isn’t the case, however. The Canadian government is very encouraging about exploiting a loophole in their system, though many companies in the United States will be very quick to recommend this, be it. If you compare drug pricesacross the border, you will notice that they are remarkably lower, by way of shelf prices in Canada.

Why is this? People throw around the term “socialized healthcare”, and a lot of Americans are reticent to adopt it or work with it across the borders due to that term “socialized”, a term that is stigmatized by the Cold War. The truth is, medication isn’t free for Canadians, it’s simply set up so that people with only a few bucks in their pocket can still get the treatment medication they need. Everyone eventually pays for it, because there is a government institution in which everyone invests and pays into universal healthcare for their fellow citizens. Think of it as a giant health benefits package from the government rather than your employer.

Well, you don’t pay taxes in Canada, more likely than not. So, if you buy drugs from across the border, that tax offset isn’t present for you. As a matter of fact, if you shop with an online pharmacy that is exclusively online, you can avoid additional costs incurred by the overhead of a brick-and-mortar location. This means that they can engage in various customer acquisition and retention tactics like discounts, reward programs and even things where they might waive the occasional shipping fee or eat the import tax for you.

So, when you compare drug prices in Canada, and you see potential massive savings, it’s very much a real possibility for you to have those savings. There’s always an option to save money, and in these times, every penny literally does count. As long as it’s an FDA-approved, legal drug in the United States, you can buy it from anywhere you lease, provided you have the paperwork and prescriptions for. This goes especially for places we have an open trade agreement like our neighbor to the north!

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