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Comprehensive Review of Totes Storage in a Garage

Comprehensive Review of Totes Storage in a Garage

The storage of tools and other related materials in the garage can be frustrating. It will often consume a lot of space in your garage and can make it look a bit messy. First of all, you have to arrange for storage space. After that, you have to arrange your tools and other accessories in that space. Almost every one of us must have gone through a similar kind of situation.

Therefore, a storage option is important to turn your garage from a messy space into a well-organized garage. Totes storage is the solution for these kinds of situations. The totes storage does not occupy the ground space, and hence, it will not look messy in your garage. You can store any material or tools and organize the storage as per your requirements.

What Is Totes Storage?

Totes storage is an easy one-stop solution to organize your messy garage. We can all agree that nobody loves to work in a garage where tools and other instruments lie everywhere. It makes the appearance of a garage dirty. Hence, totes storage is the perfect solution for this kind of garage organization problem.

You can place and organize any material you want in your garage. The totes storage is a portable storage box that contains the tools and extra material in the garage. This storage box is rectangular and made up of steel.

The structure is simple, and thus, it is very light in weight. Furthermore, another perk of storage totes is that they are portable, and you can place or install them anywhere you like.

Totes storage can quickly clear your garage from the extra mess, and you will have tons of space to do work. Moreover, it will keep your garage tidy by organizing the tools and extra materials in the storage boxes. Overall, it is a useful storage material and a must-have thing in every garage.

How to Install Totes Storage in the Garage?

The basic functionality of totes storage is clear from the above explanation. Now the readers must be curious regarding the installation process of totes storage garage. This storage box is straightforward to install in your garage and does not require specialized skills. Firstly, you must remember that this type of totes storage installation is done overhead.

Overhead means that you install these metal storage boxes with the roof of your garage. Consequently, it clears the ground area occupied by the storage boxes and gives your garage floor a tidy and spacious look. Now, let’s explore the installation process of totes storage.

This totes storage comes with three rails of channel sections. First, you have to fix these three channel sections at the specified distance apart on the roof of your garage. Once they are fixed, you can easily move and install the totes in these rails.

Only channel rails require installation. Afterward, the totes storage is just placed inside the flanges of the channel sections. The easy part is that the storage boxes can be moved forward or backward, just like a train on these rails. That makes it super simple to use these storage boxes, and you can remove them whenever you wish to take any material out of them.

These rails are strong enough to withstand heavy loads and accommodate your garage tools and other materials. It is important to remember that the three rail sections can carry nine units of 27 gallons of metal storage. Nine units are more than enough to clear and organize many materials from your garage.

What Are the Requirements to Install Totes Storage?

Before moving ahead with the installation process, you must go through the prerequisite manual for these storage boxes. The most important and decisive factor is ceiling clearance. Your ceiling clearance from the top of your garage door should be at least 18 inches. With this minimum clearance, you can easily install and use totes storage.

If the ceiling clearance is less than recommended, you may face trouble using these storage boxes. These boxes require some space above the door height to move freely between the rails. Furthermore, you have to use high-quality struts to install rail channels.

These struts play an important role in rail channels’ strength and load bear capacity. If the struts are weak, the rail may fall over time. Hence, you must ensure to use the best quality struts for the durability of storage boxes.

What Are the Advantages of Totes Storage?

Totes storage is part and parcel of a well-organized garage. It is an efficient manager of a garage’s space. It has countless benefits in day-to-day garage work. We have highlighted the topmost advantages as follows:

  • It is very easy to install.
  • The totes storage installation process takes a few minutes.
  • It can accommodate tools and extra materials.
  • You can clear the ground space of the garage from tools and other materials using these overhead storage boxes.
  • The best part of totes storage is that it is installed on the ceiling, so you need not worry about the space.
  • A single kit of totes storage can withhold nine storage boxes.
  • The storage box can carry a load of 27 gallons.
  • The non-rusting material of these storage boxes makes them durable.
  • It is a portable form of storage, and you can easily remove it from the rails by sliding it.

Totes Storage: Final Thoughts

Storage is a major issue in managing a garage. Many people find managing the space of garages a daunting task. It is true since a garage is full of tools and other materials. However, you can transform your garage into a tidy workplace by managing the space with overhead storage totes.

The overhead totes storage use channel rail sections attached with the ceiling for its installation. You can easily slide the storage boxes between these rails. Furthermore, you do not need any expert labor to install the rails. Just drill a few holes and use good-quality struts to install these rails. Put your storage boxes between the rails and slide them out whenever you need to take material out of them.

The bottom line is that totes storage is an easy and economical way to manage the organization of your garage. If you are having trouble with the messy space of your garage, give a try to our product, and it will change the map of your garage.

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