Converting To PDF Format Online Made Efficient By PDFBear

Converting To PDF Format Online Made Efficient By PDFBear

PDFBear is an online tool that you might have come across. This web-based tool is a tool you would want to add to your favorites tab. It will surely come in handy. PDFBear offers you an excellent selection of various tools that you might not need now but later on. Are you working from home and have tasks that involve documents? Or are you a student? This website is available in your grasp. When you need to organize and convert your documents from Word to PDF, this tool is the perfect tool to use.

Convert Word To PDF

Using PDFBear to convert your Word to PDF file formats is a breeze. With just a few clicks, your newly converted file is available to you. The waiting time is quick, allowing you to save time and accomplish more. To add, it is also for free.

Converting with this tool is hassle-free. Firstly, you will need a steady internet connection. Then, you can start by uploading the file you wish to convert into the online tool. Once it is there,the server will begin the scanning and the process. After only a few minutes, your file is available for use. Do you want to know how fast the process will take? It would only be around two minutes. Additionally, you can expect that the quality and input in your files remain intact. Furthermore, this site guarantees your files’ safety as it strictly adheres to the company privacy policy.

Available On Many Platforms

Not only is PDFBear free, but it is accessible on many platforms. It matters less whatever kind of operating system you have; you can access this online tool whenever necessary. Moreover, you can use your phone, desktop computer, laptop, or tablet, and this website is just a few clicks away.

Furthermore, this web-based tool is also available on many browsers. You can use it anywhere and anytime. Whether you are looking for a converter or some other tool to help you achieve a task at hand, PDFBear is here for you. You can access it to split your documents, merge your files, add page numbers, lock, etc.

No Need To Download

PDFBear does not require you to download anything. It is available online. The only things you would need to secure are the internet connection and the device you will be using. This way, aside from saving your time, you are also saving resources.

Multiple Tools

This website provides you with tools that you will indeed find helpful. Besides converting your files from Word to PDF, you can also convert Excel, JPG, and other formats to PDF. Moreover, you can change your PDF files into a different format.

Aside from conversions, PDFBear also offers the following:

1. Compress

It is inevitable that you will have large files. These large files are heavy, especially when sending them via email or other messaging applications. The good news is that PDFBear can help you address this simple dilemma. By compressing your files, you will be able to reduce your files’ size and send them more easily.

2. Split

PDFBear allows you to organize your files as well. By availing of the split option, you can rearrange your files accordingly and remove pages that you might find unnecessary.

3. Merge

If you have files that you can combine, this site offers you that opportunity. You can quickly merge your files into a single document and ensure that the contents remain after the merging.

4. Lock and Unlock

With this website, you can add security to your files with its locking option. This meant that upon accessing your file, it would require a security password. This way, you are not only keeping your files from unwanted viewers but also, you are limiting the people who can access them. In addition, you are also able to unlock the files that have secure passwords. But you need to note that you will need authority before you do this if you are not the original owner of the file.

5. Retrieving

You might have corrupted files, and you wish to recover them. PDFBear offers a repair for this type of file. But, take note, there will be files that would be beyond what the server can recover. But rest assured that this tool will do its best to help you retrieve the files you need.

6. Adding page numbers

This tool is undoubtedly helpful, especially when you have several pages for a single file. Having numbered pages can make your life easier, especially when you wish to find a piece of specific information on a particular page. PDFBear provides you with this helpful option.

Parting Thoughts

Why not PDFBear? This site is freely accessible. PDFBear is available for you whether you are young or old. It has a user-friendly interface that allows you to get yourself familiarized with using it in no time.


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