How to Find the Perfect Venue for Your Corporate Event

Corporate Event

So you’ve planned the perfect corporate event but there’s one thing missing: where do you host the event?

Finding the venue for a corporate event is often one of the biggest challenges and no matter how great your ideas are, the wrong venue can ruin the perfect plans.

So how do you find a great event while you’re planning your event? How can you ensure that the venue fits your event goals?

Here’s what you need to know:

Consider the Size of the Venue

Your venue size should correspond to the type of event you’re hosting – but it shouldn’t just focus on how many attendees there are.

For example, if you have 100 guests you might want a venue that’s as large as possible. But what’s your goal with this event? If you want these guests to bond and network with each other, too much space will cause them to drift apart.

A smaller space gets people closer and avoids guests from creating cliques. If you have to speak or make a presentation, you don’t want too much empty space as you might have to project your voice even more.

You can find more event spaces through a specialized venue hire system.

Storage Room

It’s always best to choose a venue that has a storage room. Here you’ll put the equipment and decorations you’ll need for your event.

This is often an oversight even by the most professional corporate event planners. But you don’t want to have to keep walking back and forth from your car to the event space.

Any backup equipment or decorations that you’ll need should be an arm’s length away. Make sure you choose a venue that has a separate key or code for the storage room. This helps you protect your equipment which can get stolen or damaged during a busy event.


If you’ve chosen the best hotel ballroom but it’s located out in the boondocks, then you’ve chosen the worst hotel ballroom!

You have to remember that you need to choose a location that’s easily accessible to most of your guests. It’s better to choose the more modest ballroom in the city center than the aforementioned ballroom.

Your location should also have ample parking spaces or should be accessible by public transportation. If your guests have to take a taxi or ride-sharing service, their driver should instinctively know the location.

Research the parts of your city where professionals prefer to meet to choose your location.

Plan Your Corporate Event

Now you know how to find the venue that’s best suited for your upcoming corporate event.

You want to start by considering the size of the venue. It should fit all the guests without causing them to drift away. Make sure it’s conducive for your presentations and hosting.

You want to also choose a venue that has sufficient storage space. This makes it much more convenient for preparation and clean-up. Finally, choose one that’s in the perfect location where professionals will meet.

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