Corporate Video Production Company UK: 4 Astounding Benefits of Corporate Videos

Corporate Video Production Company UK: 4 Astounding Benefits of Corporate Videos

How effective are your company’s corporate videos? Such videos have a reputation of being as fun as watching grass grow but can be educational, inspiring, and even entertaining. They can also be impactful since over one-third of the UK population are active YouTube users, and the Google-owned company is the UK’s second-most popular social platform. It’s vital for UK companies of all sizes to consider the benefits provided by the services of Corporate Video Production Company in the UK.

Innovative brand awareness

It might seem overly obvious, but companies can’t buy products and services from your UK company if they haven’t heard of it. One of the significant benefits of corporate videos is it provides a creative method for boosting brand awareness.

Meanwhile, video can be much more effective than just one medium. For instance, it can combine elements such as:

  • Video
  • Audio
  • Photos
  • Animations
  • Text

This provides a more powerful message that the viewers will remember longer.

The goal of the corporate videos is to connect your company to the message you’re creating. They’ll not only know about your company but also Like it. This can put your company front and centre and help to boost leads and sales.

Entertaining marketing

In 2021 the global marketing market is projected to reach about GBP38 billion. Unfortunately, many companies fail to leverage the benefits of video marketing. Some of the reasons such marketing can be effective are it’s easy to consume and gives consumers a break from the Internet’s text-heavy format.

One surprising benefit of marketing videos is they don’t have to have a sky-high budget or use high-pressure marketing. A compelling video can even be a few minutes long. What’s most important is your company shares a compelling message that can ultimately increase website visits, leads, and sales.

Videos provide a format that many people can relate to. For example, the amount of video streaming conducted in recent years has sky-rocketed. This provides an effective way for your company to connect with existing and potential customers.

Share your company’s story

Statistics show that 40% of British companies in the UK don’t have an online presence. It’s important to share your company’s “story,” and one way to do that is through video. This format is more interesting and memorable than other options like text or images.

One of the main benefits of the videos is they aren’t limited by the maximum lengths of radio and TV ads, which are typically under a minute. Your story videos should still generally be under 5 minutes, but you’ll have more leeway to share important information about your company’s origin, products/services, events, etc.

YouTube remains one of the most popular and effective options as the world’s largest video-sharing platform. Boosting your rankings in YouTube and Google search results can quickly expand your company’s online presence.

Customer testimonials

Studies show nearly 85% of consumers trust online reviews as much as they trust friends. Today, video testimonials have become valuable as a way of sharing the experiences of past customers. A video format can be especially effective since it’s more entertaining than reading text.

It’s important for the testimonial to be real and honest. Such videos can turn past customers into influences that can persuade other people to consider your company over others. A professional video-producing company can help to create an effective video testimonial.

A Corporate Video Production Company in the UK can help to create interesting and effective videos for your business. Whether their content is used for marketing, stories, or testimonials, it can prove that a moving picture is worth a thousand words.

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