Cost of Surrogacy in Ukraine: The Best Surrogacy Agency

Surrogacy is a great option for many people to create a family. People from all over the world come to Ukraine to order a surrogate mother. The law in Ukraine allows surrogacy for single parents, gay couples, and gestational surrogacy. There are no strict recommendations on the genetic relation of the mother. What is more, Ukraine’s surrogacy cost is quite affordable. You may see the price of surrogacy here: The price is one of the best advantages of ordering surrogacy in Ukraine.

You may address a surrogacy company like World Center of Baby to get surrogacy services at a reasonable Ukraine surrogacy cost. The average surrogacy price is about 35000 dollars. It’s perfect for those who need gestational surrogacy. Ukraine has many surrogacy programs, including those for people from any country. What services does the price of surrogacy in Ukraine include?

  1. Quality services with no waiting period

There is no need to stay on the waiting list for intended parents. You can conclude a contract as soon as you contact the agency. After you choose the surrogate mother for your child, she becomes pregnant. You can ensure that the mother is healthy and delivers a healthy child. So, the agency guarantees that you will get your child after nine months.

  1. Embryos

The surrogacy in Ukraine cost also includes ordering an embryo. You may buy an embryo and store it in the agency for one year. The company also provides shipping of embryos to people from other countries.

  1. Individual managers

In World Center of Baby, you get your manager who will work with you for the pregnancy period. The specialist explains the legal features of surrogacy to the parents. Then they conclude the contract. It also provides free consultations on the cost and the pregnancy process. The intended parents have the right to follow the surrogate mother in the clinic. They also get all the papers that confirm that the mother is healthy.

  1. Partial payment

World Center of Baby is the agency that allows partial payment for the service. You have an option to pay in parts during the pregnancy period. You may divide the cost into four payments to ensure that the delivery is safe.

Cost of Surrogacy in Ukraine: The Advantages of Ordering Surrogacy in Ukraine

Why is it worth buying surrogacy in Ukraine? First, let’s look at the benefits.

  1. Affordable prices and a lot of services are available
  2. Individual approach and constant personal support from the managers
  3. Healthy surrogate mothers who provide reliable services
  4. Modern technologies that allow storing embryos for one year
  5. No waiting period for the intended parents

All the advantages of surrogacy in Ukraine make it a perfect country to create a family. With affordable prices, you get quality services and many extra features.

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