Create Next Level Online Learning Courses with Articulate Storyline 360

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The finest eLearning platforms make it effortless for administrators, trainers, and course creators to run online learning and training courses.

LMS (Learning Management Systems) have turned out to become more and more widespread, especially due to the extensive educational and online learning and training that became essential due to the outbreak of Covid-19. 

Through digital ways, knowledge is just a click away. It does not take long to discover the truth or to build up particular expertise. The way organizations and instructors build online learning courses is also radically changing. Here, we will be looking at the best LMS software tools available in the market right now to help you create the best online learning courses.

An LMS provides an uncomplicated course-building experience and helps in building exciting online learning course modules and attaching them to courses and broader learning paths. Most of the LMSs are set up to automatically develop online courses from the available modules. This makes it easy to build a variety of sections that flows effortlessly within the course.

LMSs are software applications that let the trainers create online lessons, assign them to the employees, track their progress, provide feedback, and much more. LMSs can be used to manage any type of course and are often used in schools, universities, and businesses to help teach and train employees. The platform gives you alternatives that go way beyond multiple-choice questions, or true or false, hot spot maps, with flip cards, matching, formulas, and much more. You can offer opportunities for learners to work together and share ideas using a variety of LMS tools. One of the tools is Articulate Storyline 360 which allows you to create online courses that are accessible from any device.

Let’s read through articulate reviews and understand how Articulate Storyline 360 can help you create next-level online learning courses.

  •       Articulate Storyline 360 offers a variety of features including video recording, screen capture, and annotation tools. You can use these tools to record your lectures, tutorials, and presentations. You can then share them with anyone who has access to the internet.
  •       You can easily upload videos directly to YouTube using the built-in YouTube integration feature. Articulate Storyline 360 also lets you embed YouTube videos into your course pages.
  •       You can add interactive quizzes and tests to your courses and can make your courses interactive and engaging. These quizzes allow users to test their knowledge before moving on to the next module.
  •       Articulate Storyline 360 allows you to include links to external websites and files. This makes it easy for the users to access additional information and resources from outside.
  •       The tool also allows you to set up automatic email notifications to let users know when they have completed a quiz or test and what level they are on.
  •       The tool lets you assign grades to each user’s answers.
  •       Articulate Storyline 360 offers outstanding customer support.
  •       Articulate is easy to use and set up with only a few hours of training. The tool comes with a full and powerful suite of software that is easy to learn and easy to use. It has the shortest learning with the easiest onboarding.
  •       Articulate Storyline 360 is user-friendly. The tool lets you add templates that can be downloaded at any time.
  •       It comes with easy integration with other software.
  •       Articulate 360 is an annual subscription that offers course creators all they require for course development, like – Award-winning authoring apps—Storyline 360 and Rise 360.
  •       The courses created are responsive and mobile-friendly and can be accessed from any mobile device, such as – a smartphone, laptop, and tablet with a stable internet connection.
  •       An ever-increasing library of more than 9 million course assets, including stock photos, videos, characters, templates, and icons makes it easy to create fine-looking courses faster.

Well before investing in the software, read Articulate’s reviews and see what people have to say about Articulate 360 software. Do not forget to check the features as that would be a major determiner in choosing the pricing model. Some LMS tools are available at no cost or have a starting fee. Some other LMSs offer additional features but are available at a higher cost. Pricing models are also diverse with some vendors charging only by each user, while others have the price based on the plan, and then a lesser added price for each added user. 

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