Creating the Perfect Office: A Guide

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Creating the perfect office can be harder than you expect, especially from a structural engineering and MEP design standpoint. As such, before you bemoan the steps that it will take you to create the office of both your and your employee’s dreams, here are some of the steps that you should follow when you are designing an office from scratch.

Think About the Layout

One of the first elements of your future office that you should think about is its layout as this can impact the architecture of the building that you want to create and the design of it. For instance, you should consider whether you want an open plan office with long desks or compartments for your team members to work in or you should consider whether a closed plan office might be right for you. A closed-plan office will have several separate break-out rooms and offices with walls in between that can lead to independent work and peace and quiet for your employees but can also promote a lack of collaboration and communication. You also need to consider where the receptionist’s desk will be and where your clients will enter the office, as it is here that you need to create a great first impression for yourself and your company.

Add Finishing Touches to Your Office

Although you might think that you need to consider what finishing touches you will want last, that is not always the case, and you might consider choosing what these finishing touches will be before you finish building the office and designing its structure. This is because these touches may impact the design that you put into place. For instance, for clear communication and collaboration in meetings, you might consider looking at a range of whiteboard setup ideas and how you can install these to make the most of the space that you have. This will then ensure that you will be able to create a relaxing and comfortable environment for each one of your employees and will allow your team to be productive within the office that you have put time and money into building.

Ensure There is Ventilation

You should also think about the ventilation within your office, and you should do this when you are looking at the initial designs and the architectural blueprints. Ensuring that there is enough ventilation within your office is important as this can keep your employees healthy and energized. It can ensure that your office remains at a comfortable temperature and will allow germs and bacteria to be constantly removed from your office space. As such, you should consider installing air ducts, fans, and ventilation shafts within the walls of your office space and adding enough windows that can open and bring fresh air into the space.

Think of Safety and Security

You should also consider the safety of your office space and your employees. For instance, you should ensure that no flammable materials are used for the exterior of your office and that all of your electronics have been contained and that the building is designed to cope with the number of electronics that you will be using. You should ensure that you install ample plugs and charging points to prevent you from having to use extension leads, which could cause fire and trip hazards, and you should make sure that you install fire doors and sturdy locks and security cameras in your office to protect it from criminals and fire.

Consider the Structure

When you consider the structure of your office, you should make sure that you reinforce the office space, and you may decide to opt for a steel or concrete structure. However, the costs and the specifics will be dependent on your individual project. If it is a low-rise office building that you are going for, then you might decide to use wood for the frame and combine it with other composite materials. You should also be aware of sustainability when you are choosing the materials for your structure though, so you should try to opt for eco-friendly choices each time.

Allow for Light

You should also think carefully about how you are going to light up your office space and ensure that it gets the amount of light that it needs for your office workers to be able to work effectively in the space. For instance, you should ensure that you install a great number of windows around the space that can bring in a great assortment of natural light, and you might also make sure that these face the right direction for optimum sunlight. You should also try to ensure that your office feels spacious by raising the ceilings and by ensuring that there is nothing blocking the light from outside your windows, such as trees and bushes. This will then ensure that employees can feel energized when they are working and can prevent eye strain from occurring as they are working.

Hire a Designer

If you are struggling with any aspect of your build, though, you should consider hiring a designer who can help you to put your mind at rest when it comes to the structural and architectural planning. They will be experienced in designing commercial buildings and will be able to give you some idea in terms of what is possible and what ideas you might have to compromise on. As such, a professional designer can help your ideas to come to fruition in a practical way and can ensure that any issues are averted before they can occur. This will then mean that you can build the office that you have always dreamed of and minimize the stress of you doing so.

As such, although creating the perfect office can be difficult from a structural and architectural standpoint, it is not impossible, and by following many of the tips in this guide, you will be able to build and create an office space that both you and your employees can be happy with.

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