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9 Clever and Creative Ways to Say Sorry at Different Situations

Sometimes we made mistakes, and we can’t realize at that time, but later we realize we were wrong. These creative ways to say sorry helps you to apologize and makes you’re working relations stronger again.

Ways to Say Sorry on Small mistakes

1)  Sorry

You can say ‘sorry’ when you make very tiny mistakes like when you reply late to someone message. You get late to pick someone call etc. These types of mistakes are not mistakes, but still, you can use the word sorry formally.

2)  Sorry about that

You can say ‘sorry about that’ when you make tiny mistakes like when you shed coffee on someone’s table or broke someone’s pen. These kinds of mistakes are smaller mistakes, not the transformative type of mistakes. So if you say ‘sorry about that’ it is just for an acknowledgment for moving on quickly.

ways to say sorry

3)  My Bad

My bad can use in a work situation. You can say that ‘My mistake I forgot to bring food form market.’ Or ‘my mistake didn’t put your phone on charge.’ It has to do with smaller mistakes which are not mistakes. But you still taking authority of these non-kinds of mistakes.

4)  I was a flaw

You can say ‘I was a flaw I am sorry about that’ or ‘I was wrong. I am sorry about that’ when your mistakes impact you and someone else life. It is just explicit that you are accepting your mistake. Usually, you can say that when you broke someone’s heart; or you were in a relationship, but due to some misunderstanding, you just separated, but now you realize it was just a misunderstanding.

5)  Everybody Makes Mistakes

Usually, in a work situation, we can use that. If we take some wrong decisions at work, we can say that ‘everybody makes mistakes and every mistake teaches us a lesson.’ By saying this, you can cover up things very nicely and move on.

ways to say sorry

6) Is it the dumbest thing I’ve ever done

It is a kind of question which you can say to your self.  You can say that to your person when you laugh on your own funny mistake which you made ever.

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Some ways to say sorry for the more significant mistakes.

7)  I want to apologize

I want to apologize can be told in a work context. It is an effective way to spread the message all over. Like you can say ‘I’d like to apologize for the misconception. ’

8)  I take all authority

This is probably as efficient as it comes. You can use that at work when you make mistakes to move on. Like I take full authority for my actions, I take full authority for my attitude, or I take full power for mismanagement.

This way can also use in the writing context. It is the most formal way to say sorry; you can use in letters, notes, or in emails. Like, I take full authority for losing the buyer.

9)  Forgive me

It generally said after making a huge mistake. We usually say that in the family or in relationship context where we make many mistakes and at last link gets the end. It is the last hope to save the relationship when you tried out everything.

ways to say sorry

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