CRM software

CRM software

The efficiency of an enterprise depends not only on the qualifications of employees, but also on special software tools developed to simplify and automate various corporate tasks. These tasks include any processes related to the enterprise: document flow, work with personal data of employees, financial reporting, time optimization, time management and much more. CRM system is not just a program, it is an integral component for project control, therefore, correctly selected software is one of the key factors for the successful organization of projects.

Project management software

CRM system is very popular for use in sales departments, as it allows you to fully view the path from the first communication with the client to the purchase of a product or service from the company.

Personnel control is very important, many programs can help with this, but as an example we want to cite the CRM systems of 1C-Bitrix and Pilot-ICE.

CRM system 1C-Bitrix

Business management systems from 1C-Bitrix, a recognized leader in the field of software development for solving a wide range of corporate tasks, are among the most popular. 1C-Bitrix applications are aimed at increasing the efficiency of each employee and improving the overall result of the company. The software includes everything necessary for the interaction of managers and staff, helps to quickly and efficiently distribute tasks in the team, and also offers tools for control and self-control. With the help of 1C services, you can modify the reporting process, making it more accurate and less routine, establish a staff development process and solve many other corporate problems.

CRM system Pilot-ICE

Pilot-ICE is an ECM class system for managing projects and conveniently storing data for teamwork on them.

This program automates the design organization in the following areas:

  • ensuring collective work in the creation of design estimates (DED);
  • compatibility with any CAD, design and estimate systems, explanatory text notes and with any files (images, audio, video);
  • management of performing discipline;
  • management of corporate content of the project organization;
  • planning and control of projects (Project management);
  • reports on the implementation of projects, the work of departments, employees;
  • interaction with contractors and customers;
  • data analysis (DataMining).

A properly selected and well-configured CRM system for business management will very soon contribute to improvement in all areas of your company. This program is designed to increase profits, so the cost of this tool pays off very quickly.

At SoftMagazin you can purchase CRM software products for business management and increasing its efficiency. The price list contains the most current price. Leave a request and our manager will contact you and help you choose a CRM system that suits your business as much as possible.


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