Custom Challenge Coins: How Are They Made?

Custom Challenge Coins

Whether you’re trying to find a special way to thank someone or you want to commemorate a special and memorable event, challenge coins are a great way to do that.

There are tons of ways that you can create a unique custom challenge coin for any purpose or person. From the coin plating to the coin design there are things you can do to make the challenge coins one-of-a-kind.

But perhaps you’re having trouble deciding what to do or how to make the custom coins come to life. If that’s the case you’ve come to the right place.

Keep reading to learn more about how to make custom challenge coins.

What Is the Purpose of the Challenge Coins?

A great way to start with making a custom challenge coin is by knowing the purpose behind why you want to make one. Know exactly who it is that you’re designing the coin for and why you’re designing it.

Are you making it to commemorate someone’s life? Are you making it to represent a heroic or special deed? Is the coin meant to build camaraderie within a group of people?

Every challenge coin is designed with a specific purpose in mind. By choosing to create a custom challenge coin you are building a symbol that stands for something.

Select a Special Quote For the Coin

If you’re wanting to make the custom challenge coins extra special you should start by selecting a quote that has a lot of meaning for the person or people who are receiving the coin.

This is an especially great way to motivate or build camaraderie within a team of people as it makes them feel like they belong to a special group that is working towards the same goal.

Any time that a person who received a coin is feeling lost or down all they’ll need to do is take out their coin for a morale booster.

Choose Unique Edges

While the face of the coin is definitely the centerpiece of its design, there are other areas where you can add a nice touch that is subtle to the overall look of the challenge coin.

Don’t neglect what the edges of the coin can bring to the overall appearance. There are all types of different textures and designs to choose from. Do you want silver or gold? How about an edge that contains a phrase?

There are many different edges that you will choose from that frame your coin’s face beautifully and add a thoughtful touch to its appearance.

Choose a Unique Shape

While most coins are round in shape, that doesn’t have to be the case with custom challenge coins. You’re not required to stick with the traditional round shape. It is your custom coin. Design it in the shape you desire.

If you’re building a custom challenge coin then leaving behind the standard circular coin is a great way to make the coin even more special.

If you’re commemorating a group that has a symbol or a crest you’re able to have the custom coin made into the shape of that symbol for extra representation and symbolic meaning.

Use Your Plating Options

There are a lot of different plating styles that are available to choose from when designing your custom challenge coins. Some of the most common are gold, silver, and antique plating.

The plating that you choose for your challenge coin sets the tone for the entire design you create. The plating acts as a backdrop for other colors and designs that you add to the coin.

Because of this, it is important to take into account how the plating will affect the overall design of the challenge coin. Natural plating mixed with different colors creates a beautiful effect that really pops when you look at it.

Include Imagery of Significance

Another great way to make your challenge coin extra special is to include imagery that directly relates to the person, organization, or military unit that it is made for.

The custom challenge coin is a symbol representing that organization so you’ll want it to match the personality of the group and what it stands for.

Preferably, you’ll want to design a coin that includes symbols or text that means a lot to the organization or unit and represents their duties. The personal significance of the challenge coin is what sets it apart.

Use 3D Molds for Added Texture

If you’re wanting to base your challenge coins on a photograph or a building your best best for capturing all of the fine details are going to be choosing a 3D coin.

You can still create beautiful and memorable challenge coins using a 2D design but a 3D design will do a better job of capturing fine detail and making the design pop.

Measure Out How Big the Coin Will Be

It is difficult to tell how large a challenge coin will end up, so it is important before the coin is minted to get a scaling reference. This will help you visualize how the coin will look and how large it will be.

Taking extra time to measure the scale of your coin will ensure that it looks the best that it can and that the design fits the coin’s size well. A ruler or tape measure is the perfect tool for getting the scale.

These steps are especially important if you’re wanting a complicated or finely detailed coin design. It is the best way to make sure that the coin ends up looking exactly how you imagined.

Get Your Challenge Coins Today

Challenge coins are a great way to commemorate a special person or an event. They also are perfect for building morale and camaraderie amongst people in an organization or a military unit.

There are many custom challenge coin designs that are available to make your coin unique and special, like custom edging and a 3D design. It is important to measure the scale of your coin design to make sure it turns out perfect.

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