Custom CRM Development Cost: How To Pay Less In 2021?

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When it comes to introducing a CRM into a workflow, companies can choose whether to get an already made CRM from the vendor and optimize it to comply with the business needs or choose another path. Developing a custom CRM from scratch would be the best solution for the majority of businesses. So let’s see how much the system costs and how to reduce the cost of the CRM development in 2021.

Custom CRM Systems: What It Is?

Custom CRM is a CRM built from the ground up keeping in mind all needs and goals of a particular business. A custom CRM system unties your hands. The only limit is the sum you’re going to spend on the development and maintenance of the software.

Top 3 Benefits Of Custom CRM Systems

Faster Onboarding

Since custom CRM is made to comply with the needs of your business exclusively, it takes less time for the staff to accommodate the new software. No redundant features, no useless models, no weird UX/UI solution make the onboarding a hassle-free process.

Access To More Affordable Operations

A custom CRM development is associated with a huge cost. Nevertheless, implementing the CRM in the departments most in need will let you eliminate unnecessary expenses. By doing so, you increase the ROI (return of investment) while helping a company stay within the budget.

Competitive Business Advantage

Using a standard CRM gives your company zero advantage over a company that also embedded a standard CRM into the workflow. A custom CRM is a solution that empowers your business to make only necessary automation and charges giving you a serious advantage over competitors.

Custom CRM Development Cost 

A question that has been worrying the readers throughout the article. How much does the personalized CRM development cost? It’s hard to define the precise sum since there are many factors impacting the final price. On average, the custom CRM cost with vital features is no less than $50.000. Considering the number of benefits, the corporations will appreciate the return.

Top 3 Factors To Influence Custom Crm Development Cost

Since there’s no exact answer to how much does personalized crm development cost, at least you should know 3 main factors that define its price.

Functionality Profile

This will always be the defining factor when creating any software product. The basic CRM isn’t expensive to develop. However, advanced features like AI incorporations can add extra thousands of dollars to the price. The more features you want, the higher the price would be.

Support and Maintenance

The development and implementation of the service into the workflow are not enough. Its important to take care of the vitality of the system. Apply for specialists capable of ensuring prompt technical support. The cost of support and maintenance is negotiable depending on the problem that occurred.

Software Design

Refusal from elaborated design solutions may save you a decent sum. However, with a clear design and user-friendly layout, you will spend less time figuring out how the system works.

Top Tips On Reducing The Custom Crm Development Cost

Undoubtedly, the custom CRM is a worthy investment. There are a few tips on how businesses can spend less on the personalized CRM development cost.

Hire Crm Developers From East Europe

Traditionally, the price depends on the company you turn to (e.g. its location and experiences). Hiring outsourcing developers from East Europe and Ukraine, in particular, will give you a personalized CRM for an adequate sum without compromising the quality. Ukrainian outsourcing rates are lowest in Europe varying from $25 to $49. At the same time, the rate of the U.S developers reaches $100-170. Except affordable pricing, other reasons to hire development specialists from Ukraine are the following:

  • European mentality:
  • Progressive IT market;
  • Ease of recruiting;
  • No-visa regime and easy work-permit regime;

Portfolio Speaks Better Than Words

To avoid frustrations, choose programmers with experience. The portfolio of a potential candidate is more eloquent than hundreds of words.

Start With MVP

MVP – minimum viable product possesses minimum but still enough features to satisfy basic users’ needs. Collecting data from MVP is cheaper than developing a product with more advanced functionality. MVP will help to reduce the expenses and risks in case the final product doesn’t work.

Work With Expert Developers

One of the most effective tips on reducing expenses is to create a product with fewer mistakes from the first time around. The poor implementation of an idea will lead to spending more money on revisions and fixing the bugs.


Introducing CRM into the workflow is a necessity for modern corporations. Custom CRM development is a time and money-consuming process that posses a whole list of advantages. The price of the personalized CRM fluctuates and depends on many factors. Many businesses seek ways on reducing development costs. The best methods to spend less in 2021 are to hire Ukrainian programmers from RexSoft, work with specialists, and judge them based on their portfolios.

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