Dating Advice: How to Get Him to Call Instead of Texting

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Are you tired of just getting texts all the time? Do you want to feel valued and have a real conversation with a man? Women are usually the ones thriving more in communication. Some men are effortful, especially at the very beginning of a relationship. But some of them are also inconsistent and prefer just texting over time.

Given the schedule and responsibilities of people, it’s not always easy to meet or call someone every time. It’s nice to receive sweet text messages from the person you admire. However, imagine texting endlessly all day, without actual conversation. That’s just not something that will level up your status and give you a long-term relationship.

To make your man call instead of text keep reading this dating guide from evanmarckatz.com. It will help you to get him to call and establish a deeper connection with each other.

Why It Needs To Be More Than Just Texts

Texting is not a bad thing. It’s ideal for greetings, such as saying hi or good morning, sending reminders, or when you’re too busy to make a phone call. Sometimes, guys also don’t know exactly what to say that’s why they prefer it more than calls. However, it’s not a great communication style, especially when you are supposed to talk about something meaningful. It doesn’t give that much value to what you are going to say and to the person you are talking to.

Most guys do online dating to chat or collect phone numbers, and it’s hard to tell how many women they text at the same time. They tend not to pick up the phone to create a real connection, especially when they’re not serious about a woman. These men don’t want to commit while women complain about how things are.

Let’s admit it; texting isn’t really the type of communication we want. However, if the texting keeps going, it’s not only on him. It’s also your fault for accepting his behaviour and not insisting on getting a phone call or going on a proper date. If you want to get more effort, you shouldn’t just accept his treatment that is less than what you deserve.

Tips for Getting Phone Calls and Having a Proper Conversation:

Not every guy knows how to handle the dating stage well. Sometimes, women have to step up to improve things in their relationships. Here are some tips to consider for him to stop texting all the time and start giving importance to your communication:

Stop Going with the Flow

Men and women usually chat or text at the beginning. But if you keep using that method to communicate, it’s like normalizing texting without having a proper conversation. For this reason, you need to stop going with the flow and make the guy give more importance to your relationship.

Don’t Chase Him

Doing things for someone you like is sweet. But when you’re the only one always making efforts, your relationship becomes unbalanced. You chase him too much, and he could take you for granted. He’ll see you as easy to get, settle for texts and lose interest. On the other hand, he’ll get more interested if you let him do his job as a suitor. If the man is really into you, he will appreciate your worth and do everything to make you feel special.

Be Transparent

Sometimes, you just have to directly tell him what you prefer. After all, transparency will help make things work between the two of you. If you make adjustments for each other, you can settle your misunderstandings that can ruin your relationship.

You just have to ensure that you ask him in a positive way. Tell him the reason why you want phone calls and proper dates instead of texts. For instance, let him know if you want to hear his voice, express your tone or body language, or give urgency to what you will say. Whatever reason you come up with, make sure he understands it and ask him too why he prefer texting. Once you have discussed things and conveyed both your opinions, give it some time.

What If They Don’t Work?

There are times that you have to show your value to convince the guy to call you. But if you’ve done your part and the person ignores your efforts, what can you do?

Let go of him. He might seem like a good guy, but you are not looking for a texting buddy. He can do more than just texting; He just doesn’t feel like you’re worth more than that. Therefore, don’t be afraid to cut him loose. A man who genuinely has feelings for you won’t make you feel less. If he really cares about you, he’ll call you and try his best to make things work. If not, it won’t be your loss.

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