Debunking the Most Common Commercial Roofing Myths That Exist Today

Depending on the materials used for your commercial roofing, you can expect to go without replacing your roof for between 20 and 40 years. Asphalt roofs, in particular, have the propensity to last up to 40 years as long as you provide the proper maintenance.

Yes, you read that right: your commercial roofing requires professional maintenance. The first myth we’re here to bust is that you don’t need to take care of your commercial roofing until it’s time to replace the entire thing. Also, you can prefer commercial roofing contractors for best roofing work.

What are some of the other commercial roofing myths you’re likely to hear today?

Read on as we debunk some of the most common myths floating around the roofing industry and the truth behind each one.

Commercial Roofing Myth 1: Roof Maintenance Is Disruptive

A lot of property owners and managers put off roof maintenance for the sake of the tenants. Whether you’re operating a residential or a commercial property, you don’t want to inconvenience the people who pay to use your space.

The truth is that as long as you provide proper notice of roof maintenance, your tenants will appreciate the work. Proactive and preventative maintenance shows that you’re invested in both the building’s sustainability and the tenants’ safety.

Commercial Roofing Myth 2: “Recovering” Is a Great Money Saver

One method of patching up a roof is called “recovering.” This is where you cover old shingles with new shingles, rather than replacing large patches of your commercial roofing. Some people take this approach because it seems like a money saver.

However, all roofing materials are less permeable and provide long-term coverage when installed on a flat surface. While it may be more time-consuming and costly to remove old shingles and replace them, this is the better money saver in the long run. Properly installed shingles have a much longer lifespan.

Commercial Roofing Myth 3: All Commercial Roofers are the Same

For starters, taking a look at licensing, experience, and reviews is a must. You don’t want to pay for work that isn’t up to roofing industry standards.

Second of all, you should understand the type of roofing you have. Make sure that your commercial roofer has the tools and experience to repair or replace your specific roofing.

Get the Truth About the Importance of Professional Roofers

There are a lot of myths surrounding commercial roofing. One of the most damaging myths is that you can let your roof go until it’s time to replace it. The reality is that regular maintenance can prolong the lifespan of your roof, protect your tenants, and lower your long-term costs.

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