It is rare today that a person is unaware of the existence of Venice, the city of lovers. In fact, for this reason in Las Vegas (USA) there is a detailed reproduction of a part of Venice, with its canals, traditional gondolas, and spectacular buildings with their architectural style. Venice is a combination of many things, sea and high tide, city, history, palaces, inhabitants, ghetto, islands, and tourism. All these elements have always been a source of inspiration for the artisans of Murano. They are those who have been working Murano Glass for centuries now.

The passing from generation to generation of the impressive knowledge and mastery of creating works of art with glass is one of the special features of this profession. The skills of glassblowing, and the development of technique, precision, accuracy, calmness, and new ideas allow Glass masters to bring to light magnificent creations of all kinds, from frames, objects for every taste, jewelry, and more.

In the decorative bowls section on our site, you can choose your own bowl that fits the colors and design style of your interior. Carefully handmade, these bowls, appear with vibrant colors, from turquoise to red, and sweet features that can sometimes remind you of beautiful seashells. In our Yourmurano site, you can also find exquisite decorative plates and decorative eggs that will math perfectly with your bowls. They can also make perfect gifts for friends or family, and our trademark certifies both the purchase and the truthfulness of the product, ensuring a safe experience on our site.

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