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Deep Cleaning: What to Do to Stay Away From Illnesses

Deep Cleaning home

Cleaning a home can be time-consuming, especially if everybody is working. Sometimes people clean their houses once a month, which is not advisable according to experts. Occasional cleaning puts people’s homes at risk of bacteria and viruses. A messy home could turn into a cesspool if not given proper cleaning attention. Regular cleaning may seem fine. But if the family is busy, deep cleaning is the primary solution.

What is deep cleaning? This style of cleaning process is the most effective way to wipe out all dirt and dust, even in uncommon areas. Deep cleaning goes from cleaning the floors with a disinfectant solution to cleaning air ducts. Houses that undergo cleaning twice monthly keep the household sanitized for a period.

But how do people perform deep cleaning properly? What are the steps that people should follow? The first thing that people should know is how to categories the parts of the house. There are things in each area that people should consider cleaning deeply or read more here.

Here are some of the best tips for everybody:

The first thing to remember is to deep-clean the kitchen.

The kitchen is the most likely place where everybody stays. Any family member goes to the kitchen as soon as they wake up. They would even stay in the kitchen at night making midnight snacks. Thus, the kitchen is the common area prone to bacteria and viruses. Molds and dirt from food spills and leftovers could accumulate bacteria.

Surfaces in the kitchen can be an attraction to insects and pests that carries viruses. Insects could potentially lay their eggs on food if the kitchen is not well-sanitized. Rats may also bring ticks that could harm the skin.

People may prevent infection by cleaning the kitchen. The best way to do this is to clean all surfaces with bleach and water. The insects hate bleach, and they avoid any exterior that has bleach on them. Everybody should also wash anything that holds food. Frying pans are likely to attract bacteria. Thus, cleaning them with anti-bacterial dishwashing liquid is perfect.

People should also clean the microwave oven thoroughly, as it attracts cockroaches that lurk at night. Refrigerators also need to washing at least once a week to get rid of bacteria and odor inside.

Sponges are also things that people use to clean but neglect to sanitize after use. These sponges accumulate bacteria from dirt collected from washing dishes. One clever way to disinfect a sponge is to put it in a microwave for at least 1 to 2 minutes at a high temperature. The heat would kill any bacteria and virus that may have stayed in the sponge.

People should also not forget the dish towels. Always replace them at least twice a week to make sure it does not carry any microorganisms.

Everybody should also remember the bedroom.

The bedroom is also a potential collector of dust and bugs. Dust and dust mites are always around inside the room, especially if the room has not been cleaned for some time. Remember that people are sleeping in that area. Dust adds allergens to the air that could affect anybody.

Pets that jump into the bed could also bring fallen hair that remains in the fabric. Experts say that pet hair is risky for people, especially those who have Asthma. Pets could also harbor bedbugs that may cause skin allergies.

The best way to deep-clean the room is to replace bed sheets and pillowcases once a week. People may also replace curtains and remove carpets that can collect dust. They may also wipe the surface with bleach and water to remove dirt that sticks there.

Some suggest closing the window, especially if the house stands near the main road. This strategy prevents dust and other dirt from entering the room.

Now it is time to deep-clean the bathroom.

The bathroom is also one area where bacteria and viruses could stay. Molds and mildew may also stick to windows from moisture when taking a bath. Thus, it could collect microorganisms that cause diarrhea or other gastrointestinal diseases.

Clean anything that people usually touch in the bathroom. Wipe flush handles and doorknobs with disinfectant liquid to prevent any viruses that might be staying there. Scrub the walls with bleach and water to remove excess molds and dirt.

People should not forget to clean the rest of the house. Make sure that all places where people stay get the proper cleaning. Always use the best cleaning solutions to get the best results. Remember that people clean their homes to protect their loved ones.

Meta title: How to Deep Clean the Home to Prevent Illnesses
meta desc: Cleaning a home may be a lot for people who are busy at work. But there are some best tips that can guide everybody on deep cleaning. Read on to learn more.

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