Different Touches That Will Make Your Wedding Extra Special

Different Touches That Will Make Your Wedding Extra Special

Over the years, we have seen a fair share of superb weddings that seemed to have taken a long time of preparation and conceptualization. Some might prefer simplicity and practicality not to break the bank over a one-day event. However, many future spouses would like to go and have the best out of their weddings, so they could revisit and curve their lips up, knowing they had a fantastic one.

If you are looking for some ways to spice up your wedding, here they are:

Unique wedding rings

Aside from the interchange of vows, the exchange of wedding rings is one of the most awaited parts of a wedding. Since this will be the ring you and your spouse will be wearing for the rest of your lives, you would have to be meticulous about selecting what suits you and your spouse until the passing of time.

Couples usually go for gold, silver, platinum, titanium, stainless steel, cobalt, but you have probably never seen silicone rings used to seal the deal. Wearing a metal ring can be significant in terms of durability, but it can also be uncomfortable in the long run. So wearing a wedding silicon ring can be suitable for couples with an active lifestyle. You need not worry about blistering and degloving. Of course, you can still opt to go with metal rings and make them unique by finding a ring shop that can customize rings to your liking.

Bouquet + Bridesmaids’ bouquet alternative

Gathering inspiration for the floral tasks is one of the most exciting parts of wedding prep. It’s hard to deflect the usual white rose bouquet since it’s been a bride’s icon for decades. However, if you try to browse more pictures from Pinterest and all over the net, you’ll see a wide range of options you can choose from.

Some brides choose to have dried flowers in their bouquets; others do not have a flower at all but pure air plants or succulents. Bridesmaids can also hold fine wreaths of leaves or even lamps to let the bride’s bouquet stand out.

Let them eat cake

Gorgeous wedding cakes usually serve as the centerpiece of the reception, so this confection must be carefully chosen.

Traditional wedding cakes are commonly layered with the largest piece, and then pieces ascend as the circumference decreases. Want to divert from this? Here are some ideas.

  • Hang it upside down.
  • Build it with tons of cupcakes.
  • Place it in separate layers.
  • Top it with a fun and creative topper.


Although it will only take a few seconds to add filters and attach stickers to your adventures nowadays, people still get giddy at the idea of capturing moments through a photo booth. Of course, this is what guests also look forward to when attending the wedding—take creative shots at photo booths.

Here are some things you can do to revamp your wedding photo booth:

  • Use festive photo props (beard, crown, sayings, headwear, etc.)
  • Create your backdrop (depending on your wedding theme, it can be vintage, minimalist, colorful, greenery, floral, and the list goes on)
  • Add a comfy sofa.
  • Provide a polaroid, photobook, and pen and leave it all up to the guests.
  • Rent a bus photo booth.
  • Make a D.I.Y. hanging frame.
  • Craft a life-size book that contains your love story.
  • Recreate your living room setup.
  • Set up a tepee tent.
  • Hang props from a tree.
  • Use an immense wreath of flowers and leaves.
  • Use a chalkboard.

Hire a live wedding painter

Though capturing the memories into photos and videos used to be the way to go, hiring live wedding painters has been on the rise.

The concept is simple: your chosen artistic painter attends the weddings, chooses a memorable moment from the ceremony or reception while you dance, eat, and enjoy with the people you love. You will be handed a masterpiece with you and your spouse as the focus by the end of the night.

Many weddings plans were aimed at guests’ satisfaction. Thus, having a live painting fixated on capturing your most romantic moment with your better half is a great way to shift the focus back to the celebrants.

At the end of the day, every wedding will still be unique since it is the official ceremony and celebration of two individuals bound into one. It is the day the world gets to witness the start of a couple’s journey into establishing their own family. It will always be different and memorable since it is a day filled with love, laughter, thrill, and excitement of what’s ahead.

Meta title: Unique Ways to Make Your Wedding Out of the Ordinary
meta desc: Weddings only happen once, hopefully. So, we have to find ways to make it extra special. If you want to divert from the usual wedding setup, read on.

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