Discover the Parts That Commonly Break First On Dirt Bikes

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Dirt bikes are a lot of fun. They are designed to handle any type of surface and, with a little experience, can enable you to get between places in a direct line, significantly faster than on a road.

However, unsurprisingly, the rough terrain takes a toll on the bike. That’s one of the reasons that people recommend investing in the best KTM bikes, having a high-quality bike built for this terrain potentially reduces the number of times your bike needs parts.

If you enjoy dirt biking or are considering starting, you’re not alone. Motorcycles of all types are currently enjoying a boom in sales. But, you will need to know the parts that break first. This will help you buy the right bike second-hand and keep spare parts for when needed.

The Chain

Your chain needs to be adjusted and oiled regularly to ensure it provides the performance you need. The oil is particularly important as it protects the chain from dirt and debris. There is plenty of that off-road. When the chain snaps your bike can no longer go. Fortunately, it doesn’t usually damage anything else.

It’s generally worth replacing it after you’ve ridden for 30 hours.


Dirt bikes can be liquid or air-cooled. Alongside coolant, they have oil in the engine and brake fluid. All of these liquids are vital to the health of the bike. They can simply evaporate when operating in extreme heat. But, pipes can also be easily damaged, t’s essential that you check the fluid levels regularly and find out why they are low, when that happens.

Worn Clutch

The clutch on a dirt bike is slightly different in that t sits in a pool of oil. This reduces wear and tail and allows you to ride the clutch a little.

However, this will still take its toll and the clutch is likely to be one of the first things to break. Having said that, it can still last 20-30,000 miles. That’s high mileage for a dirt bike.


If you’re riding a dirt bike then you’ll have harder tyres which give better grip off-road and are more durable. However, you’re riding on tough terrain and the tyres will still wear out surprisingly quickly. As the grip is so important off-road, it’s a good idea to inspect them after every ride and replace them as needed.


Even the best dirt bike riders will drop the bike periodically. If you have less experience then this will happen more frequently. Although there are minimal body panels on a dirt bike, these are also the most vulnerable part of the bike. In fact, the panels are designed to protect the more vulnerable parts of the bike. That’s why they take the impact and break first. Having a few spare panels is always a good idea.

Whether you‘re looking to buy or are enjoying your dirt bike, you need to be aware of the above issues. This will allow you to check them regularly, replace them as needed, and keep your bike running for when you need it.

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