Do you tip your photographer at your wedding?

Do you tip your photographer at your wedding

The question of tips has never been unambiguously answered, because a lot depends on the quality of service and a lot of other additional details. To come to a definite decision, the advantages of basic wedding photography packages https://vanillabrides.com/wedding-photography-and-videography-packages/ are not enough.

A deeper study of the matter, including the quality of service, the list of provided services and much more will help to make the right decision. Vanilla Brides experts tried to help those clients who aren’t sure what decision to make.

Do They Own Their Own Business?

Photographers who offer their services are often the owners of their own agency. Working with them does not involve budgeting for tips. This decision and refusal to thank them in the form of additional gratuity is due to the fact that:

  • photographers-entrepreneurs have already assessed the quality of their services and indicated the cost in the price list;
  • specialists include all additional costs in the price of the service, including the use of vehicles;
  • entrepreneurs make their own decisions for pricing and have to provide for different cooperation scenarios.

So, do you tip your wedding photographer on your own? Then setting aside funds to do so is the right thing to do. Quality work, advice and other aspects of service can lead to a client willing to pay extra for the work.

What is included in the contract?

The contract, which was made after discussing the details of the upcoming shooting, contains all the necessary information. Carefully read the contents of the signed offer and you will be able to find the answer to your question.

The fact is that sometimes the contract specifies details of cooperation, such as the inclusion of tips in the specified cost. In this situation, you will not have to give a tip, because you have paid for it in advance.

If the exact amount of additional reward is not specified, you will have to decide for yourself how to thank your photographer. You can decide who, when and what thank you gifts for wedding photographer without any pressure.


Did they provide quality service?

When evaluating the possibility to give a tip to the photographer, it is important to remember that the reward must be earned. Encouraging professionals allows you to demonstrate that you are happy with the work you have done and will ask them again on occasion.

If you’re not sure if a tip is necessary, answer a few questions:

  • the shooting time was as agreed or was it exceeded;
  • whether the photographer assisted in creating a great shot;
  • your expectations were met or not met;
  • the photographer made contact with others involved in the shoot;
  • did you get help in stressful situations.время съемки соответствовало договоренности или было превышено;

A simple analysis of your celebration photo shooting will answer the question of  how much do you tip a photographer honestly and unbiasedly.

Did they provide quality service

How much should you tip your wedding photographer?

The rules of etiquette dictate the number of tips for waiters, barmen and other service representatives. The amount of the tip often depends on the final cost of the order and consists of a certain percentage. To determine the number of tips for the photographer, you can use the 15% rule. If you are satisfied with the services provided, a bonus of that amount is optimal.

However, you should not rely entirely on the wedding tipping etiquette. The amount of reward depends on your capabilities and wishes. It is not necessary to focus too much attention on the amount, because the tip itself speaks of gratitude and appreciation.

What other ways are there to express your appreciation without a tip?

You can express your gratitude to the photographer not only by monetary compensation, but also in other ways. The list of options is varied, so you can choose the appropriate way from the following list:

  • preparing a review;
  • thank you note to wedding photographer;
  • sending flowers;
  • buying an inexpensive gift;
  • advertising the photographer in social networks.

In this way, you can show the specialist that you appreciate his skills and abilities. Flattering words to the performer can be used by the photographer in his personal blog. This is one of the ways to help a professional.

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