Don’t Commit these 5 Mistakes on Your Next Guided Snowmobile Tour


Due to its two world-class ski resorts, Deer Valley and Park City Mountain, Park City receives year-round tourism from people all over the world.

The city offers a host of activities, with snowmobiling being one of them. People can take guided snowmobile tours in Park City. These tours are hosted by professionals who ensure that you have maximum fun while still being safe.

Helpful Information for Snowmobile Tour

  • There is no age limit for travelers; however, they must be more than 91cm (3 ft) tall
  • All tourists must be at least 16 years of age with a lawful driver’s license for a snowmobile tour
  • All riders must sign an agreement. People under the age of 19 need a parent/guardian to sign.
  • Helmets are provided
  • Reach no later than 30 minutes before the decided parting time

Some Tips for a Snowmobile Tour 

  • Wear warm winter boots
  • Wear multiple layers – snow pants and a jacket are recommended
  • Carry your driver’s license
  • Carry a neck warmer, goggles, and ski gloves

Snowmobile Tours in Park City

Snowmobile tours in Park City commence with transport from your room in the Park City area. Within 25 minutes, you will be on a high-end snowmobile climbing up the mountain. Guests can enjoy the exquisite Utah flora and fauna during their snowmobiling escapades.

Mistakes You Should Not Commit on a Snowmobile Tour

  • Getting Off Track and Ruining It for Others: Do you know where you can and cannot drive your snowmobile? Encroaching off the marked trail can be a significant problem for your security. You may force the entire party to come to a halt. With this action, you are ruining the fun for everyone involved.
  • Sleighing on Thin Ice: Lakes and rivers in Park City are more extensive than anywhere else. With over 200,000 of them, it is quite a while before snowmobilers come across a crossing. It is essential to confirm the circumstances yourself before volunteering. It is easy to stray onto thin ice and get yourself into danger. Always keep an eye out for dangerous situations in your surroundings.
  • Crossing the Yellow Line: You might be accustomed to operating a motorcycle or car. Unlike roads, snow doesn’t have a yellow line down the center to distinguish lanes or approaching traffic. It would be best if you drove on your side of the trail.
  • Uncontrolled Riding: Snow dust can be potentially devastating and severely impairs your ability to respond to track conditions and other riders. Maintain a safe distance from other snowmobilers while riding to allow the dust to settle.
  • Riding With an Empty Tank: Whenever you can get fuel, take the chance to top up your tank. You may be stuck during the trip, or worse, the weather may get bad when you’re out of gas.


Snowmobiling is a lot of fun. But make sure you don’t commit the mistakes mentioned in this article. With the right gear and safety precautions, guided snowmobile tours in Park City can be quite memorable.

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