Don’t Forget to Visit These 7 Stunning Spots at Stone Mountain Park On Your Next Trip

Stone Mountain Park

When we talk about Atlanta, we think of a highly-developed, feasibly modern, and technologically advanced capital of Georgia. What do you expect? The city is a few steps away from becoming the next Silicon Valley! With so much tourism, media, employment opportunities, and plenty of things to do, Atlanta is one of the most popular cities in America.

When we talk about developed cities, nature is usually not a part of the deal. Talk about restaurants, mighty skyscrapers, buildings, concerts but not nature. However, Atlanta is not one of those cities. It is known for its unmatchable love for nature, wildlife, and of course, natural heritage sites. Stone Mountain Park is one of these places. It is one of the most popular tourist sites in Atlanta, Georgia. The natural attraction hosts over 4 million guests every year. Spread over an area of 3200 acres, the park is a unique natural site with family-friendly entertainment spots. Whether you are visiting with your friends, family or just by yourself – there is something for everyone here.

Excited about your upcoming trip? Here are a few things that you must do on your trip to Stone Mountain:

Grist Mill

Grist Mill is a favorite for couples who want to get away from the hustle and bustle of a big city. It is a calm scenic spot with an incredibly tranquil atmosphere. If you want to surprise your girl with a nice picnic date – this is your go-to spot. The area around the mill is quite shady with running water, making it quite cool compared to Atlanta’s typical weather.

Even if you have kids, this is a great place to sit around, have lunch and let your kids explore the beauty of Grist Mills. However, you must be careful around the rocks. The rocks tend to get slippery because of the water so try to wear high-friction water shoes. Let your kids explore the wonders of Grist Mills while you sit and relax with the love of your life and no emails for the day!

Golf Club

Stone Mountain Golf Club invites golf enthusiasts from around the world to see, explore and enjoy a game in their two championship courses. The courses are Stonemont and Lakemont. Each of them offers golfers a peaceful and scenic journey through the famous Stone Mountain Lake during the game. Other than this, there is staff to help you if you need a bit of a helping hand to pit that ball. Was visiting gold courses a last-moment plan? Don’t worry! They have a professional golf shop with all the necessary gear required to excel. Unlike the Grist Mills, you will have to pay $25 per person per course. However, they do have custom offers for kids, seniors as well as season and availability.

Lasershow Spectacular

Locals and guests have enjoyed their summer nights by watching the Lasershow Spectacular for over 3 decades now. And the only thing about it is that it just keeps getting better and better. The show lasts for a good 45 minutes with a musical soundtrack. To get a clear view of the fireworks, visitors must watch them from the Memorial Carvings. Loud music and colorful fireworks are a treat for everyone – even your toddlers. However, for really young kids and infants, it could be a bit too much. So, either get some earbuds for your little one if they startle easily or mentally prepare them. Lasershow Spectacular starts at Stone Mountain Park around 9 pm at night. You just have to pay for the parking to witness this incredible amalgam of charcoal, gunpowder, fire, and of course – music.

Summit Skyride

Remember when we mentioned above that Stone Mountain is for everyone? This is what we meant! The Summit Skyride is an incredible cable car experience for people of all ages. If you don’t want to (or can’t) hike up to reach the Memorial Carving, these Swiss cable cars will take you 825 feet above ground level to take you there. Other than this, they are wheelchair accessible as well. Don’t worry about getting left behind or being causing inconvenience to your loved ones while going upwards. Actually, the Summit Skyride also provides a view of various natural plantations and the rare flora and fauna of Stone Mountain. Tickets are $10 for a round trip, and if you want to walk your way down, you have to pay $6.

Geyser Towers

Ready to cool down after a hot Atlanta day at Stone Mountain? The Geyser Towers are waiting for you. Navigate your way through the rope bridges and tunnels, avoiding the geysers that explode randomly. Some of us just deliberately stand waiting for the geyser to explode, don’t we? The participants are recommended to wear closed-toe shoes with bathing suit tops. The minimum height to enter Geyser Towers is 32 inches, but for little ones till 40 inches – a 16 year or older support is required. For toddlers and younger kids, they have a small section to splash around and just be themselves. For children under 2 years, entry is free for 3 years and older, it’s $14.

Walk-Up Trail

If you like walking, try walking to the top of Stone Mountain. This trail is a rocky setup leading 1.3 miles upwards. You might be going over different types of rocks, so it’s recommended to wear hike-friendly shoes. For those who wish to take their little ones along, guide them about general hike behavior, buy proper gear for them, and help them along the way. Don’t think of this as an exercise. Think of it as the struggle you do to meet something beautiful in the end. People who make it to the top get to witness the panoramic Atlanta skyline, North Georgia Mountains, and even the suburban regions of the city. Come on top and witness the starry sky of Atlanta with the love of your life. This is a great spot for date night, and the love of your life is going to remember it forever.

Confederate Hall Historical and Cultural Education

When in Atlanta, we are talking about history. The city is a rich amalgam of historical and cultural heritage. Fortunately, this little stop speaks volumes about what we are just talking about. It features different exhibits on Stone Mountain. You can also watch a documentary regarding the civil war that rose for equal rights in Georgia. There are also exhibitions of ecology and geology teaching you and your little ones the wonder of this planet. Stone Mountain itself is considered the 8th wonder of the world by many people, so those who work there know how to enhance its importance among visitors.


Stone Mountain is one of the top tourist spots in Atlanta. You can have family time, dates, and even some solo time to explore and enjoy the beauty of this gigantic rock of granite. Although millions of people visit this place every year, most of the Stone Mountain attractions are either free or at a really reasonable price. We have compiled a list of the best spots to visit, especially if you are short on time. Just make sure to wear proper shoes and help your kids/seniors along the way. Stop by to eat there or bring your own basket – we just want you to have fun.

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