Do’s and Don’ts of Buying a Maternity Bra

Do’s and Don'ts of Buying a Maternity Bra

When you have a small cry-baby who may raise an alarm call for milk at any point in time, you have to be geared up for breastfeeding on receiving such indications. But what about your style quotient that demands a structured bra while you step out with your baby? 

There arises the need for a maternity bra that can be easily opened for a quick feed while being convenient and offering enough support at the same time. Such bras can give your breasts a structured look without being harsh on them. 

But you always find ladies making mistakes while buying one. So here in this guide, we are going to mention a few do’s and don’ts of purchasing a maternity bra:

Do not be early for shopping

One cannot predict their actual breast size increase until and unless they find it growing and developing itself to produce milk. Whilst some expecting mothers may hardly notice any change in their cup size, others may feel a drastic change. Hence predictions don’t work here. 

Thus, being an early bird to get shopping maternity bras will only get you the wrong size. Consider going shopping when you are at least eight months pregnant and not before that because, by that time, the breasts tend to structure themselves for milk supply. 

Never cope with an uncomfortable bra

Never buy a maternity bra that gives you discomfort. Always search for ones that can go easy on your breasts. Since you have to don a bra almost all the time, the fabrics should be such that it makes one feel comfortable and amazing. 

There are bras in the market with high visual appeal and may compel you to fall all in praise for them. But the chances are that it may make you feel irritated and cause itching. So instead of buying any simple bra that you come across, pick a maternity bra with soft fabrics and no clips so that you can feel comfortable all day and all night. 

Pick on styles to choose your purpose

Did you think that you get maternity bras in only a single variant? If this is your notion, you are probably not aware of maternity staples available in the market. Just like you pick on different dress styles for various purposes, bras also offer you the same alternatives to suit different needs and situations.

There are differently designed maternity bras for sleeping, for going out, and even for lounging. It’s just that you need to pick the right ones to fit into your requisite frame. Further, you also get to avail pumping, strapless, and sports maternity bras that can make your life more comfortable and allow you to wear one as per the need of the hour. 

Checking on the coverage and materials

When you are out shopping, check comfy maternity bra for the amount of coverage it offers. Also, examine it for minimal bounce and check whether it has wide bands instead of thin ones. 

Your breasts turn out to be very sensitive during the pregnancy period, and thus you also need to check out bras that are ultra-soft and crafted intelligently to offer the required amount of support.


Getting a maternity bra is of paramount importance when you feel that your breasts are growing and you have to breastfeed your babies. But now, since you know what things to look for, we hope you are never going to make a mistake while shopping for a maternity bra. 

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