Dresses for women by Sleeper – comfortable clothes for home and outdoor

Dresses for women by Sleeper – your comfort, your lifestyle. Everywhere

What is a home? Many would probably agree that home is, first and foremost, a sense of coziness and safeness. It is thanks to the warmth that the house turns into a hearth, where one wants to return again and again after a hard day.

Coziness, in turn, consists of little things – pictures of people you love on the walls, a favorite chair by the fireplace, elegant knick-knacks on the shelves – just to name a few.

But nothing makes you feel more comfortable than comfy home wear, which can be used to replace a strict business outfit.

Unfortunately, finding the right clothes for home is not as easy as it may seem. Most fashion designers concentrate their attention on casual wear, office ensembles, evening gowns, and so on.

However, the young Ukrainian brand Sleeper has solved this problem:

  • resses for women by Sleeper
  • Men’s pajamas
  • Dresses for children

Those who prefer absolute comfort will surely find home clothes to their taste.

Sleeper: getting grips with the brand

Sleeper was founded in 2014 by Asya Varetsa and Kate Zubarieva. Originally, Sleeper was a mono-brand. The manufacturers focused on the production of comfortable, quality, and Eco-friendly pajamas, dresses, and robes for women. Over time, however, men’s pajamas, children’s dresses, home shoes, and even a collection for couples in love became available.

Just a month after its foundation, Vogue magazine recognized Ukrainian Sleeper as the brand of the month.

Lounge Dresses Sleeper – a comfortable and versatile solution for the home

Lounge suits and dresses are a must for every wardrobe. Many fashionable labels can stand for this statement. Lounge fashion has remained among the main trends for several years now. The reasons for this resilience are clear – society is tired of shallow, flashy glamour and now prefers something simple, ecological, and as practical as possible.

Lounge dresses Sleeper are a great answer to these requests. They are a real hymn of comfort, laconic elegance, functional simplicity, and versatility.

Sleeper lounge dresses design

Sleeper dresses are long enough to cover your knees. A distinctive feature of the dresses is puffy sleeves with elastic band cuffs. The ruffled neckline also has a soft wide elastic band, which allows you to pull the collar down from shoulders and create a completely new image. Easily accessible buttons serve as fasteners of the dress. The image can be supplemented with a belt and a hair ribbon.

What about fabric?

All Sleeper collection dresses are sewn from natural, ecological materials. Mainly for tailoring are used fabrics such as:

  • Natural cotton
  • One hundred percent linen.
  • Natural silk

The use of these fabrics allows women to ensure maximum comfort when wearing dresses. Since all these materials are considered to be non-allergic. In addition, both silk dresses, and cotton clothes, and linen fabrics are characterized by excellent moisture absorption and breathability.

Sleeper lounge dress color options

The following colors are currently available to customers:

  1. Pudding beige
  2. Bosporus Navy
  3. Daisies pattern
  4. Flower pattern
  5. Pink
  6. Plain white dress
  7. Lavender tone
  8. Coral
  9. Judas Tree
  10. The color of lime

Customers can use not to miss the latest update.

Other offers from Sleeper

In addition to long dresses for leisure, customers will be able to find the following solutions for their daily comfort.

Slip dresses

Elegant long dresses with straps, with a half-slim silhouette, will suit those who are looking for a sense of lightness and weightlessness.

Natural silk will give a feeling of coolness even on the hottest day, and length adjustable straps ensure that you don’t have to worry about the details.

Chic strappy long dresses are available in two colors:

  • Black

In addition to the color, the dresses differ in decoration. In the first version, the straps are decorated with pearl locks. For those who like Spartan simplicity, Sleeper has produced models without any trimmings.

Despite the fact that such models are designed primarily to wear at home, such a simple and refined model may well be complemented by:

  • High-heeled shoes
  • Turtleneck
  • Blazer
  • Jacket
  • Necklace
  • Bracelets
  • Favorite bag

Atlanta Dresses

In our humble opinion, Sleeper soft dresses Atlanta are an idyllic choice not just for a cozy evening at home. They’re wonderful for a relaxing day spent on the beach, a picnic, an evening stroll in the park, or on the riverbank promenade.

Why Atlanta dresses are flawless, you may ask. The answer is obvious!

For sewing Atlanta dresses, the Sleeper team uses only linen and silk, no synthetic fibers at all.

The necklines and billowing sleeves are elastic, which allows the wearer of this model to boast her beautiful shoulders.

The tight bodice of a special design makes it possible to temporarily refuse to wear a bra without fear of embarrassing situations.

Finally, the length of the flowing skirt (down to the middle of the calf) allows you to wear an Atlanta dress at any time of the day.

Marie A-line dresses

This short A-silhouette dress is decorated with:

  • A row of large pearl buttons.
  • A wide detachable collar, which is easy to remove and just as easy to pull back if desired.
  • Short lantern sleeves.
  • A branded scarf accompanies the model, which will help you to complete the look.

The dress is perfect for a summer vacation or a hot weekend.

Sleeper Dresses care

The care rules depend entirely on the fabric from which the dress is made.

For example, linen items require delicate washing, you should dry them in the shade, spread them on a table or the other flat surface, and ironing is allowed only with a warm iron.

Silk dresses, on the other hand, will require dry cleaning and cool iron.

Detailed instructions for each garment can be found on the manufacturer’s website.

Sleeper Dresses – bring some effortlessness into your life!

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