The general “solution” that people opt for to solve their problems is drugs. You’re not alone if you have the same approach, my friend. The fact is, drugs are not the answer to your problems. 

In all honesty, this is not some revelation but rather a denied fact. The truth is that you take drugs so you can divert your attention from your problems, not to solve them. 

That means you subconsciously know that drugs aren’t the answer to your problems but considering you’ve reached a point where you cannot easily overcome a drug-inspired lifestyle, you’ll have to put in the extra effort to quit them altogether. 

With that said, here are eight reasons why drugs aren’t the answer to your problems.

They are dangerous to health.

Not a recent scientific discovery, right? Remember, there is no way a drug isn’t harmful to health. Even the “safest” ones can cause unexpected and unwanted harm. 

Cigarettes, marijuana, and alcohol are commonly considered harmless, but that is not the case. The most common among the “harmless” drugs are cigarettes, which are known to cause lung damage, cancer, type 2 diabetes, and in some cases, fertility problems. 

Not so harmless, huh? Most drugs, especially the illegal ones, which include cocaine, heroin, hallucinogens, crack cocaine, and meth, among many others, damage your heart, brain, and other sensitive organs, ultimately leading to long-term injuries or steady death. 

Consider starting a betterment program.

There is no shame in asking for help, which is why you can always consider enrolling in a treatment program. 

In-patient treatment programs, like the ones offered by Serenity at Summit, can help you become a better version of yourself through the guidance and support provided by professionals. 

You cannot avoid your problems.

No one and nothing can solve your problems except you, so stop avoiding your problems. Think and focus on finding a solution rather than looking for ways to divert yourself from them. 

The ultimate goal is to pave your way out of the problem and not let it hang while you subject yourself to drugs. 

The longer the problem remains unresolved, the more frustrating it is. So, keep looking for a solution.

Drugs only add to your problems.

Drugs worsen your problems and add to your misery. That is because when you resort to drugs, you lose the ability to think rationally and make decisions accordingly. 

Your decision-making powers are bound to worsen your existing problems and automatically make you more miserable than you were before. 

Many individuals who triumphed against drug addiction admitted that drugs only lead to more discomfort in their practical lives and make them dependent on others for even the simplest decisions.

Talk to drug addicts.

Yes, talk to drug addicts. They may be somebody you know or a roadside beggar. They will tell you how drugs destroyed their lives, how they struggled to overcome their addiction, and how they have lost their hope at this point. 

Converse with them thoroughly and learn from their experience. Do you want to see yourself where you are today? A sane person’s answer would be a no.

Find other forms of motivation.

Motivation can come from anywhere. It could be a family member, a friend, or a lover. Think of them when you take drugs. 

Would they appreciate you if they saw you taking drugs? Would they like the sight of their friend, family member, or lover hooked on drugs just to avoid some problems? The answer to all these questions is no. 

Think of a day when you’d no longer have them in your life and use that instance to motivate yourself to embark on a new journey. 

It is just an addiction.

And it must be dealt with in the right, with conviction, awareness, knowledge, proper guidance, resilience, and power. 

All these qualities do not come in one go. You start with knowledge and guidance by educating yourself about your condition in a way it helps develop resilience. 

Once you develop resilience, you have power over your desires and need to revert. Doing all of this takes a lot of effort, but ultimately, it is worth it. 

Change your social network.

If it is because of some people that you chose drugs as a solution to your problems, then the initial step is to stop meeting them. 

They might seem like your well-wishers, but they aren’t. Keep yourself away from them to gain some perspective. 

Build a network of people that can help you be a better person. Sit with problem solvers, not problem creators. 

The right people will help you get answers to your problems, directly or indirectly. It is said that a man is known by the company he keeps. Well, for a good reason, my friend.

Take professional help.

It isn’t shameful or shocking like people think it is. Instead, it’s a brave step. When a professional looks after you and monitors your progress, you’ll overcome addiction. 

But remember, you cannot rely on them. It is still your responsibility to take care of yourself. A professional will guide you, but implementing guidance is your responsibility.


Problems are a part of life, and dealing with them is the only way. It is okay to feel hopeless sometimes, but it is not okay to subject yourself to drugs as a solution. 

The key is not to lose hope in the process and keep going. Make conscious, healthy decisions by making your loved ones a part of your journey and asking for help when needed. Best of luck!

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