Dusted and Polished: 5 Tips to wear clean Shoes

5 Tips to wear clean Shoes

Shoes are said to be the reflection of one’s neatness. For the same reason, they should be cared for so that they can look well on the people. Different kinds of shoes serve different purposes. There are a lot of footwear designs for specific purposes.

Some are designed to prevent the pain inflicted by the heels. They alleviate and simultaneously reduce the forefoot pain, arch pain and any implications of plantar fasciitis. HYKLE is one such company.

Other than the women’s shoes by FRANKiE4, there are various other shoes which are both for looks as well as for medical purposes. However, whatever be it, they should be taken care of in a good manner to be free of bacteria and foul smell. The personality that is reflected through shoes shows very well of our attitude.

This article will give a brief idea of the various ways to take care of one’s shoes.

  • Keep away the dust

Never wear the same pair of shoes regularly. Always have two or three alternate pairs so that they can be frequently cleaned and kept away from dust. When a lot of dust particles settle on shoes, they cause the loss of natural colours of the shoes, and they look very old.

Therefore it is also good to frequently dust the shoes and polish them. In this way, they can be kept clean and shiny all the time.

  • No, no moisture

Whatever be the material of the shoes, never expose them to moisture. Too much water content can cause the growth of bacteria in the soles. It can make the material break off very easily. Try to use silica pouches that act as desiccants or any other gels. They help in keeping the shoe bacteria-free and dry all the time.

The cheapest way to keep the shoes dry is to stuff them with newspapers which should be changed frequently every week. For those whose feet sweat frequently, it is advised to wear socks to protect the soles.

  • Stay away from direct sunlight

Shoes Should never be exposed to direct sunlight. It can result in the dry rotting of the soles leading to the stiffening up of the shoes. In the end, the whole thing would crumble down into nothing. Therefore, always keep the shoes in a controlled environment, which can extend the lifespan of every shoe.

  • A Shoe tree and a safe place

It is a necessity to keep the shoes safe and secure when they are not used. Owning a shoe tree is the best solution for this. It would ensure the natural shape retains the whole texture of the shoe. It is also good to have a permanent place to safely put away the shoes so that they don’t get stamped or quashed unnecessarily.

  • Stock the polish and shiners

Taking care of a shoe is never possible without adequate equipment. Moreover, the soles should undergo a healthy regimen to keep the skin young, shiny and polished every time. It would extend the life span of the shoes. Therefore, regularly polish your shoes and apply shiners consistently to prolong the lifespan, shine and texture of a shoe.

  • Say no to plastic shoeboxes

The sole of every shoe should have prepper air circulation. Therefore, never keep them in a cardboard or a plastic box as they would not receive the required circulation. Always have a shoe stand or use bags of breathable fabric to store shoes.

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