Earn the Passive income via Cryptocurrency

Earn the Passive income via Cryptocurrency

Blockchain technology and cryptocurrency are the two names that are ruling the digital trading world. Everyone around everyone is talking and using these two to earn passively. Over the past decade, cryptocurrency and blockchain technology has earned a name. nobody is unaware of this emerging technology. The reason is it is groundbreaking, easy to use, and highly competitive.  With the dramatic increase in the usage of virtual assets, the grown-up family of crypto keeps adding new things and technologies to give their user a better experience. One of the best things added is the implementation of trading robots. Trading robots do not only provide ease to seasonal professionals, but the newcomers are the ones who get most of the advantage from them. So, if you are thinking about starting a new journey in your life to earn passively, you need to join the cryptocurrency trading robots. There are so many platforms that are offering the buying and selling of digital currency like Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin, etc. bitcoin is the most valuable and worth using digital currency and Bitcoin Prime is the platform that is offering so much to its users.

What is Bitcoin Prime?

Bitcoin Prime is a trading platform whose main purpose is to support Contract for Difference (CFD) trading. In CFD trading, no one is buying or selling digital currency. Then what do they do? In CFD trading, the experts are making predictions about the market value of the digital currency. They make and design the directional movements of an asset. So, whether the price goes up or down, you earn, only if the movement is right. The winning rate of Bitcoin Prime is 90%. CFD trading is one of its features. Important to note that while doing CFD trading, cryptocurrency cannot be bought or sold.

Bitcoin Prime is automated trading software. It trades digital currencies on your behalf. You can buy and sell digital coins with Bitcoin Prime as well. The software uses Artificial Intelligence. It analyses the market by checking historical data and predicts the next move for you. Forecasting the upcoming trading value is what makes it unique. The Software has the option of automated and manual trading. If you are a busy bee and do not have enough time to spend in front of a screen and trade, set your trading parameters and turn on automated mode and let the robot do things on your behalf.

The legitimacy of Bitcoin Prime

Since the birth of cryptocurrency, its legitimacy remains in question and is the talk of the town. The reason is there are so many countries whose government does not support it. But on contrary, more than half of the world has accepted it. And countries like China are working on the development of their own Crypto coin and platform. The decentralized cryptocurrency is independent of the state bank. But it does not mean it is illegal or fake. The platforms which are running it are legit. Bitcoin Prime is scam-free. No scam has been reported to date. So don’t worry while investing and working with Bitcoin Prime. Though the crypto market is highly volatile, so invest only whose loss is affordable.

Key features of the Bitcoin Prime application

The major three features which the official website of Bitcoin Prime claims is following

  1. Superior technology

The use of Artificial Intelligence to make predictions and directional movement is what they call the use of superior technology in the software. The software picks up the most beneficial and profitable opportunities for its user. The market analysis is being made by having a comparison between present existing market situations and historical trends. The market insights are also provided in real-time to all users without any discrimination.

  1. High profile security

Users’ data and everything are always secured. They make sure the high-end security is being provided to prevent hackers. No third party can get your personal and professional data. Moreover, the platform is legit and does not involve the sale of your data. The whole environment is quite secure and user-friendly.

  1. Assistance and autonomy

The Al algorithms monitored Bitcoin Prime helps you in setting your crypto profile and aids you in making the correct decisions for your trading.

There are so many more potential features of Bitcoin Prime, that we observed. They are briefly described below.

  • Demo trading

The software has an option of demo trading mode. Before starting live trading, you can try this mode to check whether Bitcoin Prime fits your interests or not. You can make demo moves to learn crypto trading. No real money is utilized while doing this. The feature is on the dashboard, you can switch between demo and live trading at any time. Bitcoin Prime claims that if you try demo mode, only 30 minutes were used to determine your trading parameters.

  • Partnership with brokers

There are so many other ways to trade cryptocurrency along with the crypto exchange. Bitcoin Prime has partnerships with brokers who execute your account and hold funds too. These brokers provide you with more than 75 CFDs to trade with Bitcoin Prime. Based on the region from where you operate, a broker is assigned to you when your account is activated.

How much does Bitcoin Prime Charge?

For making an account, there’s no fee. Your account is registered without any charges. The initial deposit required is $250 for trading. 2% commission is charged from only profitable accounts. The first 10 transactions are also free. 0.1% is charged from the 11th transaction.

What are the pros and cons?


  • You can trade up to 14 different cryptocurrencies with Bitcoin Prime
  • You’ll pay commission only if you earn a profit
  • No profit accounts don’t pay any commission
  • It supports CFDs in the partnership of broker
  • Both past and present reviews are used in making analysis and prediction
  • Only $250 is required as capital to start trading


It does not have a mobile application, which means does not available on all devices.

No independent choice of choosing broker

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