Easy Ways To Protect Your White Sneakers This Rainy Season

White sneakers always remain to be a blind choice for the wardrobes as they go well with every other color outfit. There is always a high chance for the sneakers to go dirty very often, especially if it is used outdoor during the rainy season. So always try white sneakers  of the best quality to avoid your pristine whites from getting stained.

But don’t worry; here are some tips to prevent your white sneakers from getting damaged. If you are concerned about a slight color change or dirt these easy tips can help in getting back the appearance depending upon the material of the sneakers and the type of dirt.

1. Always carry an extra

To avoid the cleaning and drying up process, it is better to carry boots along with your raincoat. Boots being water repellent makes it easier to walk through rainy paths. So put in your white sneakers safely inside a polythene bag and pull out your boots.  It helps you keep your white sneakers clean without wasting time cleaning up.

2. Water-resistant spray for the rescue

Another way to protect your white sneakers from fading during rains is by using water-resistant sprays. It comes in both gel or wax and water base so that you don’t have to overthink during the drizzling days. This will protect your white sneakers and help them be clean and dry.

3. Carry tissue or wet wipes

If you do not have any of the above rights in hand, use the regular hack with the tissues or your wet wipes. Remove the mud or dirt from the white sneakers as soon as possible to make the following cleaning-up process much more manageable. It is the quickest way to keep your white sneakers from getting stains or spots, as you can do this on time and do not have to wait until you are at the house.

4. Say no to direct sunlight drying.

Avoid direct sunlight drying to help protect your white sneakers from turning into other shades. This can be because sometimes your shoes will have sweat,dirt or even residues of detergent used to clean the shoes. Due to the chemical reactions, these all can lead your white sneakers to turn yellow. So always be aware of this and avoid direct sunlight to ensure your white sneakers are clean and tidy.

5. Place your white sneakers behind the refrigerator

It is expected that you forget to dry the inner part of the shoes, which can result in fungal infections and even creates a mould in the insides of the white sneakers. Keep your inner soles, laces, and shoes separately for air drying. But it becomes difficult if you cannot stay outdoors during the rainy seasons. So if the weather is not on your side, do not worry; keep your shoes behind the refrigerator. Keep it an inch away to protect direct contact from the exhaust, your shoes are ready to be used.

6. Stuff in the newspapers

Sometimes, after the overuse or cleaning process it is possible that your shoe form might change. To avoid this, always try to fill up your shoes with newspapers. It will make your shoes dry faster as dry newspapers absorb moisture content.

7. Use baking soda

Here comes the other home remedy use baking soda to clean your shoes, especially leather material. Follow the ratio of three parts of warm water with one part of baking soda and mix until you get a thick mixture. Use a toothbrush to rub the mixture on your white sneakers and wash it off using normal water.

8. Toothpaste can bring back the sneaker’s shine

Not only for teeth but also for your white sneakers, yes, toothpaste comes to the rescue. The pea-sized amount that you use to brush your teeth similarly uses the same amount over the spots. Keep it for a while and gently brush it over. As simple as that your white sneakers are back in form but always remember to use only white color toothpaste.

9. Lukewarm water and dishwasher

This home remedy is most popular in tropical country households as they experience rain more often and is best for canvas shoes. Begin with wiping off the dirt on the surface and apply the mix of dishwashing liquid and lukewarm water using a toothbrush. Use the ratio of one tablespoon of dishwashing liquid with two cups of warm water. Later gently wipe the shoe with a wet towel and later with fresh dry towels preferably paper towels followed by an air drying. In the case of the mesh shoes do the process after removing the inner soles and laces separately.

So without any kind of fancy supplies, you can get your white sneakers back in form as fresh as it was brought. And moreover, you do not have to compromise your style with practicality.  Plus you don’t have to say no to check the white sneakers  as now the eighties fashion comes back into the track.


1.   What is the ideal time to replace white sneakers?

It always depends on the activity and type of dirt on the white sneakers. If you have tried all the remedies and still your white sneakers remain nasty, then the right choice is to replace them. Also if you use them for training purposes and say if you have covered almost 500miles then it will be a good option to replace them with fresh pair.

2.   What are the main concerns to be considered while cleaning?

Always make sure that you use dilute solutions and not harsh chemicals, directly onto the surface. Another savior tip is to avoid direct sunlight as it will decrease the shoe quality easily.

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