Eco-Friendly Business: Simple Ways Your Retail Store Can Go Green

Eco-Friendly Business

The retail industry is undeniably among the great contributors of waste in the environment, from careless packaging to the customers’ general waste. Most modern shoppers today require convenient and fast purchasing and delivery processes. However, as such demands increase, so does the retail waste.

Businesses in the retail industry are typically more focused on meeting the customers’ demand. Shipping billions of packages worldwide is a silent killer to the environment. From the inflated plastic or paper packaging to the harmful fossil fuel used for transport, each detail contributes to waste and pollution.

Find out how your retail store can be part of an eco-friendly movement.

  1. Promote repairing and recycling

Repairing and recycling are major elements of reducing waste. With plenty of products and equipment consumed and used in the retail industry, these practices can undoubtedly make a huge difference. The action doesn’t have to be grand. You can simply encourage your team to always consider repairing electronics and equipment first before opting for replacements.

Recommend a local electronic screen repair shop that your team or loyal customers can go to when their devices break down. This is also a friendly way to support other local businesses and reduce fossil fuels necessary for transportation. As for recycling, it’s also best to look for a local recycling center that can help you handle waste from your retail store. You can also provide your retail team with reusable coffee cups or water bottles to minimize your non-recyclable waste.

  1. Change your store packaging

Retail businesses cannot deliver their products to customers without packaging. However, certain tactics like individual plastic packaging are contributing to waste. One simple way to minimize your waste is to cut down on your in-store packaging. Wrap items in bulk or use one box to fit them all. You can also invest in biodegradable packaging materials to minimize your solid waste. Make your customers a part of this eco-friendly movement by encouraging them to bring their own shopping bags when visiting your retail store. You can offer discounts for every shopper with a shopping bag.

  1. Switch to green cleaners

Operating a retail store requires more frequent cleaning than in-office businesses. The problem is, most shops are clueless that cleaning materials and routines have an impact on the environment. If your in-store employees are also your cleaning crew, be sure they use all-natural cleaning suppliers on the task.

Reducing the use of cleaning chemicals or harsh toxins isn’t only good for the environment, but also for your staff and the customers visiting your premises. If you’re hiring a cleaning company, ensure they provide green or biodegradable cleaning products. Using natural or biodegradable cleaners can make your store an allergen-free space with cleaner indoor air.

  1. Involve the entire team

You can’t possibly turn your retail into a green store if your staff doesn’t follow the same practices. Communicate your new sustainable priorities and values to all your employees, especially the in-store staff. You can do this through a general meeting, email reminders, or in-store posters. Discuss the importance of reducing waste and following green initiatives.

Acquiring full participation from your retail team will also make it easier for you to market these green initiatives to the customers. Your in-store sales team is the one directly engaging with the shoppers, which means they have more power in promoting your sustainable initiatives to the public.

  1. Partner with other local stores

In local brick-and-mortar stores, supporting each other plays a major role in growth and success. If your small retail store can work with other local shops, you can create a bigger change in waste reduction. Look for other complementary retailers that you can partner with. These may include local farmers’ markets, organic beauty shops, health spas, and healthy food places. You can share your sustainable packaging ideas, green decors, or even plan a green event together.

If you’re running a clothing shop, you can organize a sustainable fashion event with fellow local retailers. Or, if you own a local health food shop, you can host an organic cooking show with a local cookware retailer. These simple eco-friendly marketing strategies can set your local stores apart from national retailers, encouraging shoppers to choose you.

Incorporating green practices into your retail business will not just allow you to help in preserving our environment. It’s also an excellent way to make your store more appealing to the customer and make your products more desirable for sale. Modern consumers tend to support eco-friendly businesses more and if you want to get their attention, consider becoming a green business.

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