Effective Ways To Use Instagram Stories to build your brand

As you can probably imagine, Instagram is no longer just used to post the photo of your favorite meal, but can indeed be the tool that will boost your brand.

With its 500 million daily users, the social network is now the new playground for brands. In this article, we will mainly talk about a publication format that is increasingly attractive: the famous Instagram stories. But do you really know how to use them? Together, we will discover ways to effectively integrate them into your digital strategy.

Internet users are very fond of this ephemeral content and appreciate all the more the spontaneous aspect of these publications. If it seems complicated to have a correct engagement on Instagram because the algorithm does as it pleases and decides itself the extent of your publications, the stories are spared. You, therefore, have the opportunity to reach a large part of your followers with each story published.

Still not convinced by the usefulness of setting up an Instagram stories strategy? Discover these inspiring examples for your business.

Take a look behind the scenes

To charm your followers, show them the atmosphere that reigns in your team. Stories are also great ways to activate your brand. Seduce them with quirky content, they will want to join you.

Promote their publications

Do not hesitate to recycle content by relaying in stories the publications in which your subscribers identify you. They will love to feel involved and valued this way.

Share your know-how for all to see

Unveil your biggest secrets directly on Instagram, such as the provenance of a product or images of manufacturing plants. Tired of advertising lies, they need to be reassured and confident. Transparency is therefore the key word!

Listen to them

If your goal is to increase your community’s engagement rate, Stories surveys are ideal. They help capture attention while enticing your subscribers to engage with your content. It’s also a good way to get to know your community by getting their feedback. Pamper your followers by showing them that you are a listening brand.

Expand your audience

It is in your best interest to use hashtags and geolocation to expand your audience. This will give you a better chance of reaching people who are not subscribed to your account. Avoid using the most popular hashtags, you risk blending in with the crowd. 


Note that 60% of companies that publish Instagram Stories use an interactive element in their organic story: a hashtag, an @ mention, a survey sticker … and it’s not for nothing.

If by chance you do not have the required number of subscribers to integrate a swipe up link, we advise you to collaborate with influencers who look like you. So, you can let them control your stories, which could attract new followers, or even potential customers.

Notify of an event

3… 2… 1… GO! Now, when a new blog post appears or an event is scheduled, use the countdown feature and your subscribers can receive a reminder. Not bad isn’t it?

Make them play!

If you want your community to be responsive and interact as much as possible with your publications, offer them attractive content, do challenges like 24 motives 24 names. Challenges like these are a great way to engage with your audience.

Put your products in the spotlight

Of course, you should use Stories to promote your products and services. Your Instagram account is a reflection of your brand and catalog, so promote it with care and attention.

But not too much:

Your followers don’t want to hear only about your products, but want to be entertained or educated by watching your content. Your first goal is to get their attention. Vary your content and don’t talk too much about your products, they might get bored. Why not share some tips and advice with them? Innocent, for example, has set up the “did you know” moment. It’s simple, it respects the humorous editorial line of the brand and above all: it works!

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