Energy Efficient Homes: How to Choose Energy Upgrades

Are you interested in making your home more cost-effective and environmentally friendly? If so, then installing upgrades for energy efficient homes is a must. Once you do, you’ll enjoy many benefits, including reduced monthly utility bills, improved air quality, and more.

Efficient home upgrades can even help your home earn a higher resale value. Everyone wins.

However, there are so many different energy upgrades to choose from. Before making any upgrades, it’s advisable to assess your home’s specific needs, check out Duke energy rates per kWh 2022, and consult with professionals for guidance.

Let’s take a look at how to choose energy upgrades for your home.

Assessing the Needs of Your Home

Assessing your home’s current energy requirements can help to identify which areas of the home are the most wasteful of energy. Inspect the condition of doors, windows, and insulation, as well as the efficiency of any other energy-utilizing appliances and products. Home inspection services are one way to effectively asses your home energy efficiency.

Energy Upgrade Options to Choose From

When it comes to choosing energy upgrades for an energy-efficient home, the options are vast. However, the most common choices may include the list below.

Lighting Upgrade

Some great energy-efficient lighting options are CFLs and LEDs, which use only a small fraction of the energy traditional incandescent bulbs use. These bulbs not only reduce your energy consumption but also last much longer than traditional bulbs, meaning you save more money in the long run. Installing motion sensors and timers on your lights can also help reduce your energy consumption as they turn off lights when not in use.

Understanding Insulation

Insulation helps regulate temperatures in a home in the summer and winter and slows the flow of air in and out of the home. Thus, choosing the right insulation can make a noticeable difference in the energy efficiency of a home. 

For example, attic insulation is a great place to start. Attic insulation helps reduce air leakage, which keeps heated or cooled air from entering or escaping through the attic. Make sure to hire reputable attic insulation services to ensure installation is done properly. Doors, windows, and the roof should also be addressed.

Systems and Appliances

Replacing older systems and appliances with high-efficiency models can be costly upfront but with the potential for significant long-term savings in utility costs. Consider a heat pump for heating and cooling which is far more energy efficient than traditional systems. When choosing new appliances, look for the EPA’s Energy Star label to be sure you are getting the most efficient product.

Go Solar

Solar energy is a significant renewable energy source, and installing solar panels on the roof of the home can lead to reduced electric bills and environmental benefits. Additionally, going solar can increase the home’s value, making the home more appealing to potential buyers.

The Benefits of Energy Efficient Homes

Energy-efficient homes provide a myriad of benefits. Increased energy savings, lower energy bills, improved comfort levels, and a decreased environmental footprint are just some of the major benefits of energy-efficient homes. The key to maximizing the benefits of energy-efficient homes lies in choosing the right energy upgrades.

Choose the Best Energy Upgrades for Your Home

Energy efficient homes are key to a more sustainable future. Choose upgrades that suit your budget and personal preferences, and help you save energy and money. With the right upgrades, you can design and build the home of your dreams and make the world a brighter, greener place.

Start today and take action!

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