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The hookah, also known as shisha, has skyrocketed in popularity in recent years. As people are becoming more aware of the various health risks, tobacco-free smoking is getting more and more attention. These tobacco-free hookahs are increasingly popular in shisha shops and lounges, making them more accessible to anyone looking for them. But what exactly is a hookah, and where does the shisha come from? Read more about hookahs in this article.

What is a hookah and how does it work?

A hookah or shisha is an instrument for heating and smoking tobacco or vapour stones. The hookah starts with a large hollow bowl filled with water. This is also known as the vase of a hookah. Extending from the vase, a tube runs up to a smaller bowl where you put your tobacco or vapour stones. The tobacco or stones provide the flavour to the smoke. The possibilities are endless as you can get tobacco or vapour stones in almost every flavour imaginable. From the tastiest fruits and herbs to delicious drinks, anything is available. Directly above tobacco or vapour stones is where you place a piece of burning charcoal. The charcoal heats the tobacco or vapour stones and the smoke is inhaled through the hookah, filtered through the water and into the hose.

Where does the hookah originate from?

Hakim Abu’l-Fath Gilani invented the hookah we know today when he was concerned about health problems when smoking became very popular in India. He came up with an instrument that would filter the smoke into water to ‘purify’ the smoke. His idea caught on and soon the hookah was being used by nobles in all corners of India. Today, you can find hookahs everywhere across the globe!

Tobacco, nicotine and tar free hookah smoking 

Smoking is not good for your health, be it cigarettes and cigars, e-cigarettes or hookahs. However, a hookah does give you more options than an ordinary cigarette. Not only in the different flavour options but also in choosing tar- and nicotine free tobacco, or even tobacco-free vapour stones. These vapour stones are free of tobacco, tar and nicotine, making them less harmful than regular cigarettes. However, note that it is still not good for your health.

Experience hookahs at home together with your friends

Want to enjoy a wonderful evening at home with your friends? Amy Deluxe hookahs are perfect for everyone who wants to experience a luxury hookah at an affordable price. and impress your friends with a hookah or shisha that suits you. With various hookahs you are able to replace various parts of the hookah to really make your hookah your own. Try out various flavours and enjoy the luxury and comfort of a hookah lounge in your own home, together with friends or alone.

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