Essay about keeping wild animals as pets

Essay about keeping wild animals as pets

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Why keeping wild animals as pets is not a good choice

Our life is a part of nature in general. Animals are also in this position. We live on the same planet, breathe the same air, are born and die. We are the parts of one whole and must respect it. Nature separated our biological types in a strict structure. At the same time, it united us according to needs and dependencies. We believe that people must follow these rules and support the order. Only in this case, the balance will be saved, and we all will survive for centuries.

Unfortunately, not all people share this point of view. In this essay, we want to discuss keeping wild animals as pets and proving that this idea is cruel and destructive.

Everybody knows that none of the wild animals made an effort to leave nature and become a pet. If you open a cave, all of them will run to their common environment and never come back. There are a lot of movies where wild animals become friends with people who cared about them. We believe that these stories might be true, but we also believe that uniting with nature is more important than a warm feeling for a person.

Keeping wild animals at home is violence. This statement must be as clear as that the sun rises in the east. Even if you think that your animal is small and your apartment’s close space is enough for it, you are wrong. Wild animals don’t understand the meaning of Closed space at all. They follow only instincts and can destroy everything on their way to freedom. If you get into the situation where you saved someone’s life and need to decide to keep or not an animal at home, you must think about the future suffering of this poor creature. Special nature reserves are the answer. Even if you need to spend some money to give the sick animal freedom, don’t be sad. You are doing right. Special people will take care of it and release it if it is safe for your friend.

It is a huge problem in our society that social media means a lot. Teenagers without Instagram don’t exist. If you are not online, you are not a full-fledged person. But that’s not all. You must be peculiar, have some special features to attract followers. Keeping wild animals as pets is one of these specialties, and it is woefully. Photos with lions, tigers, or bears are bright and impressive, but when you start thinking about what those people did to make this nice photo, you might get frightened. To make a tiger calm and safe, you must add sedatives to its food and pull out the claws first of all. Then they grind the teeth and hit the poor creature. It is pure violence for a cool look and fantastic stories. When you start to analyze it from this side, it scares a lot.

Another awful situation is when people think that they can take care of a wild animal but later understand that it takes much more energy than they planned and kick them out into the street. After all suffering, these creatures can’t survive without support anymore and die afraid and lost.

A few years ago, it became popular to keep a raccoon as a pet. A lot of nice videos and funny stories blew up the internet. But what happened later? The raccoons showed themselves as destroyers of all stuff. They gnaw, wash, break all they see, but this is their nature. A little later, their owners understood that keeping home such an animal is expensive and dangerous, so they started to get rid of them. It is a modern problem of a society where people overestimate their possibilities and are not ready to be responsible for results.

At the same time, it is a good practice to help wounded animals. Sometimes the only way to help them is to isolate them in the zoo or some kind of limited area to do some medical activities. Just born cubs or adult animals saved from circus can also become members or such recreation places. For the majority of them, it will become a new home because they are not ready for wild nature anymore. This is about captivity but not about the decision to keep a wild animal as a pet. Sometimes specialists decide to give such kinds of animals home for people if they are sure that this is the best way to live. They are ready to help a new owner with advice and observe the animal’s conditions of living.

We hope that we changed your opinion a little if you ever dream of having some wild animal at home. It is a great pleasure to follow these beautiful creatures in their natural areas rather than to isolate them for your fun. If we take care and love nature, the panel will answer with the same respect.

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