Essential care tips for your hairless head

A hairless head is trending! A significant increase in the number of bald head people has been observed over the past years. Even though the reasons are varied, head shaving has emerged to be a viable solution in all cases. Whether it’s severe hair loss problems, medical conditions, or just a style change, head shaving can resolve all these issues in a go! All you need is a head shaver and a few other grooming products to be at top of your fashion game. A bald hairstyle is timeless and continues to be a classic.

Hair loss issues have emerged to be a serious concern, especially for young men. As per varied research, almost every man is expected to suffer from hair loss issues at some point in their life. Unfortunately, there’s no efficacious solution to stop it. While many products and treatments claim to minimize hair loss issues, none seems to work credibly. Even though you might experience some sort of immediate relief, hair loss is guaranteed in the long run. These expensive hair care products and treatments will give you an instant resolve; however, you will continue to lose hairs until it’s completely bald. This whole process can be draining both mentally and financially with no substantial relief.

Instead of wasting money, time, and effort on these fancy hair care products, investing in a good quality head shaver for men is a smart choice. These head shavers are ergonomically designed that are developed to ease the regular head-shaving process. A shaved head relieves you of unnecessary hair care maintenance and upkeep. This being said, you can’t neglect the grooming aspect completely. Grooming is vital no matter whether you have a haired head or not. A weary and ungroomed hairstyle is likely to make you appear clumsy and not very presentable to people around you. Hence, with a shaved head, it becomes absolutely necessary to use appropriate shaving essentials to maintain it well.

Care and upkeep efforts for a shaved head are absolutely minimal. You don’t have to go for frequent salon sessions or apply fancy hair care products to look good. Proper grooming for a shaven head requires an ideal head-shaving kit that has very basic yet essential grooming products. Since the bald hairstyle is trending, the styling aspect of it has elevated too. You can now find different varieties of shaving products that claim to improve the head-shaving process further. While these products are aimed at enhancing the head-shaving experience, using all of them is not vital. However, the following are some vital contents that your head shaving kit must have:

  • A head shaver for men
  • Pre-shave oil
  • Exfoliator or Mild Cleanser
  • A trimmer/clipper
  • An aftershave lotion

Quick tips for a smooth bald hairstyle

Along with having the perfect head-shaving kit, it is equally important to follow the right techniques and practices for shaving. You can’t expect a smooth and shining dome unless you don’t take care of it well. You can’t ditch the hair grooming aspect even with no hairs on the head. A shaved head requires minimal but adequate care to look and feel good.

People often misconstrue that with the hairs gone, they no longer have to clean or nourish the scalp. Another misconception that surrounds head shaving is that buying a good-quality head shaver is sufficient to maintain a smooth bald head. Well, that’s partially true. You do require a proper head shaver; however, other additional tools and techniques are essential too. Maintaining a smooth bald hairstyle is not just about using the right tools. Rather it is a balanced combination of the right tools, techniques, and consistency. While you know the basic components of an ideal head-shaving kit, the following are some quick tips to ensure a smooth and shiny bald head:

  • Regular cleaning

Cleaning is basic hygiene and should never be neglected. A lot of people presume that the bare head surface does not require cleaning on a regular basis since there’s no hair on it. Well, it’s completely untrue. Washing and cleansing the scalp regularly should be a habit for all the bald head people. You can’t expect to leave it uncleaned for days and want your dome structure to appear good.

  • Moisturization

With the hairs gone, the scalp surface is exposed to direct dust, heat, and sunlight. This makes the scalp dirty, dry, and itchy at times. To avoid this, moisturization is absolutely important. Using a mild moisturizer on the scalp will keep it smooth and nourished throughout. Your head will continue to shine and glow if proper skin care is maintained.

  • Aftershave care

A majority of the shavers tend to neglect this part of the head-shaving process. That’s a common mistake that you should stop repeating immediately. After you are done shaving using a head shave, your scalp area is left red and kind of bruised due to the razor’s glide over it. Leaving it like that often leads to permanent razor burns and marks that will make your head surface uneven and scarred. Hence, using an antiseptic aftershave lotion or oil is best suggested to ensure a smooth scalp after shaving is done.

There You Go!

Now that you know the essentials of an ideal head-shaving kit and the quick tips to maintaining a smooth bald head, begin to do it yourself! While a good-quality head shaver is essential, make sure to follow the right tips and techniques to achieve a smooth head shave effortlessly.

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