Essential Information About Cannabis Extracts in Canada You Need to Know

Essential Information About Cannabis Extracts in Canada You Need to Know

As the cannabis industry continues to evolve, cannabis extracts in Canada are gaining momentum due to their versatility and potential health advantages. Unlike conventional methods of cannabis ingestion, extracts offer consumers a wider range of options and benefits. From their purity to their diverse flavours, extracts are rapidly becoming a prominent segment of the cannabis market.

This comprehensive guide will delve into the world of cannabis extracts to provide you with essential information. Whether you are a seasoned consumer or new to cannabis, understanding extracts will enable you to make informed decisions and choose the right product for your needs. Let’s explore the fascinating world of cheap weed cannabis extracts in Canada and discover what makes them stand out in the ever-growing cannabis landscape.

What are Cannabis Extracts?

Cannabis extracts, such as oils and concentrates, are intriguing products due to their diverse nature and the different ways they are produced.

A cannabis extract is any product made from the cannabis flower and refined into a concentrated form. These extracts can vary greatly in their chemical makeup, resulting in a wide range of products with unique properties.

One key aspect of cannabis extracts is that they can only be produced using a solvent. The specific extraction procedure may vary depending on the type of solvent used. Generally, the process involves mixing marijuana plant components with another substance or chemical that effectively removes all cannabinoids from the plant material. The resulting cannabinoid-infused solution is then taken out of the plant material and put through additional processing, such as evaporation or other means, to get rid of the solvent. What is left is a heap of cannabinoids that are extremely concentrated.

The choice of solvent used in the extraction process can impact the characteristics of the final cannabis extract. Different solvents may extract different compounds from the cannabis plant, resulting in variations in the extract’s aroma, flavour, and potency. Common solvents used in cannabis extraction include ethanol, butane, and CO2, each with advantages and limitations.

Cannabis extracts are used for various purposes, including medicinal and recreational use. Due to their concentrated cannabinoid content, they have often been sought after for their potential therapeutic effects in managing certain medical conditions. Additionally, their potency and versatility make them popular among recreational users who seek different consumption methods and experiences.

Examples of  Different Types of Extracts

Marijuana extracts can be found as liquid, solid, or as e-liquid. Some extracts are given names based on their look or consistency. These products are frequently smoked or vaporized.


Crumble wax is a type of cannabis concentrate that is distinct from other extracts due to its dry, crumbly texture. Unlike sticky concentrates like shatter, crumble easily breaks apart into a powdery consistency with minimal effort. This unique texture is achieved through a specialized purging technique during production.

Crumble wax is known for its high potency, with levels reaching up to 90%, making it a potent choice for cannabis users. In addition, the colour of crumble wax can vary from pale to deep yellow, adding to its visual appeal.

In summary, crumble wax is a type of cannabis concentrate that stands out from other extracts due to its dry, crumbly texture, high potency, and varying colour options. Its unique characteristics make it a popular choice among cannabis consumers.


Shatter is a weed extract that resembles glass in that it is solid, translucent and appears to be breakable. It acquires its glass-like appearance through particular processing methods using solvents like butane or other hydrocarbons. Shatter, which combines essential substances like THC and CBD, provides the advantages of marijuana in a concentrated, compact form that is frequently dabbed or smoked.

Although the potency of this glassy extract varies according to the chemical makeup of the parent plant, the extraction techniques, and the equipment used, it has a powerful reputation. For example, shatter extracts can contain up to 90% THC, but marijuana flower has only about 30%.


Budder is an extract of the marijuana plant. It results from blasting CO2, butane, or isopropyl alcohol on marijuana. The method removes the terpenes and cannabinoids from the woody plant matter. After removing the last solvent residue, the leftover material is whipped into a smooth by-product that resembles butter.

It has a smooth texture and a deep yellow hue. The budder process saves the flavour and scent of the weed strain because it preserves the terpenes. The procedure also preserves the THC, making budder a strong product. Budder should be distinct from the cannabinoid-infused butter known as Cannabutter, which is meant to be used in baking and cooking recipes. Budder successfully competes against other well-known extracts.


To get the cannabinoids and oils out of cannabis, it is soaked in high-proof alcohol or vinegar. This makes a tincture, which is an extract of cannabis. They are left to soak for weeks, making a strong, simple mixture.

THC and CBD are active parts of the cannabis plant that can be found in the mix. CBD tinctures only contain CBD, while THC liquids contain both THC and CBD in different amounts.

Live Resin

A common type of marijuana extract made from young, uncured plant material is called live resin. After harvesting, the buds are often promptly frozen. This technique preserves a lot more terpenes.

Many of the terpenes are destroyed during the weed-curing process. While it is feasible to produce cured concentrates with high THC levels, the whole richness of the original terpene profile cannot be preserved.

How to Use Extracts?

Most extracts can be used by smoking or dabbing, which requires a dab rig and a heat source, such as a torch. Users heat up the nail of the dab rig and place a piece of the extract on it to vaporize. The resulting highly potent vapor, rich in cannabinoids, is then drawn through a water pipe and inhaled. On the other hand, extracts like tinctures that can be ingested or taken sublingually (under the tongue) are easier to use.

For beginners, it’s important to exercise caution when using extracts because they are highly potent. It’s recommended to start with small amounts to ensure safety and have a better experience.


There are different types of extracts available for consumption, including tinctures for easy intake and more complex options like shatter or crumble for dabbing. These extracts offer unique marijuana highs that can be enjoyed for recreational or medical purposes, providing a variety of product selections to suit different preferences.

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