Event Marketing Hacks to boost ticket sales

Events that do not have the expected number of attendees will not be considered a success. Selling as many tickets as possible and increasing the attendance at the event is indeed a dream come true for all event organizers. Increasing event attendance can be done by using online ticketing software to sell and manage tickets.

Event marketing is an important step in making the event a success by increasing attendance. Here are some marketing ideas for events that will help you increase ticket sales through various event budgets.

Ticketing hacks to improve your ticket conversion!

Discount on tickets

You can offer discounts on tickets to your audience at a specific time or purchase a specific number of tickets. Paying less regularly creates faster conversions.

Early bird offer

Offer early-bird discounts to create a sense of urgency. Early bird offers can make your event page visitors purchase tickets directly and avoid delays in ticket purchases.

Online event promotion through social media

Social media is the best channel for event marketing. Here are some ideas to engage your audience and create excitement with your events.

Create a hashtag and use it for all the posts on social media.

Provide sneak peeks – where possible, try to post behind-the-scenes photos or videos or preparation videos.

Competition: Create a buzz by organizing online contests where participants tag your page and include hashtags in their posts.

During event news: Create a task where all attendees post their feedback or experience on social media during the event.

Live-tweeting: Live tweeting during an event regarding the event can make it viral.

Post-event marketing: Posting snapshots of events can create FOMO, which can provide a good outcome in your next event. Hiring a video production company could be a great help in doing this.

Timing is essential: Posting on social media should be done when the target audience is very active.

Have social proof on your landing page 

Whether it’s online shopping or ticket purchases, people are looking for reviews. If, while buying a ticket, a person can see positive reviews, that will not give them a second thought.

Here are few things that you can do

  • Have a testimonial on the website
  • Publish reviews on social-media
  • Choose a platform that allows people to see updates and ratings.

Event creators can target relevant audiences with google ads, Facebook ads, Instagram ads, etc. With paid ads, you can reach and engage with a larger audience.

Return on investment (ROI) is the most important as a paid marketing metric.

Email invites

There are higher chances of conversion if you can run a successful email campaign. What you can try with your email campaigns is to differentiate your audience and target them accordingly. 

You can customize email by using the name of contacts and do not make it look like bulk mail and personalize it. 

These were the various marketing ideas for events. You can use all of these and see the results by yourself.

Explore various marketing channels and start marketing events around the world.

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