Everything about Fascinating Colored Lab-grown Diamonds

Everything about Fascinating Colored Lab-grown Diamonds

A clear, gorgeous, and sparkling gem is what you imagine when you picture a diamond, right? Well, it is true indeed that most diamonds are colorless, but fancy colored diamonds don’t hold back. They are highly sought-after. People usually hesitate to invest in colored diamonds but we are sure many will change their minds after reading what we have for you. Today, we will give you a brief overview of colored lab-grown diamonds and shine a light on some major facts about colored diamonds. Let’s get started, shall we?

How Do Diamonds Get Their Color?

Colored diamonds gain their mesmerizing color during the formation process. Colored lab diamonds are created when the trace elements interact with some carbon atoms during the diamond’s creation process. There is a presence of chemical elements like nitrogen, sulfur, and boron which can color diamonds in the shade yellow, blue, and green.

On the other hand, natural diamonds gain their colors when carbon comes in contact with certain impurities. This imparts various hues in natural diamonds.

The Most Common Diamond Colors


Colored diamonds are extremely rare to find in nature, but colored lab diamonds can be created in a laboratory over a particular period. The rarer the color of the diamond is, the more valuable it is. Well, speaking about the colors, colored diamonds have been found and created in every color of the rainbow. However, the most common of them all are the brown and yellow hues. You can find yellow and brown lab-grown diamonds at great prices online.

Which are the Rarest Colored Diamonds

The rarest colored diamonds are orange, red, purple, and green. Pink and blue diamonds are also found in nature. Deeply saturated colors are extremely rare. A red-colored diamond is said to be the rarest of all.

Most Appreciated Colored Diamond

Pink-colored diamonds have been the most appreciated ones. These diamonds have experienced over 600% increase since 2005. People aren’t just buying them, but are selling them as well. This has given an economic sense to this.

You can create any colored diamond by using the HTHP method. High temperature-high pressure will enhance the diamond with any color you want with extreme heat and pressure.

Colored Diamonds Never Depreciate Easily

There are certain factors on which the rate of colored diamonds depreciates. To name a few, they can be the 4Cs, that is cut, color, carat, and clarity. Other than this, the market plays a very crucial role. It is based on how the colored diamond will perform in the market and how many eyes it will grab. This also decides the price of the diamond.

Colored Diamonds Are Known To Break Records

People say that records are made to be broken. Well, that’s exactly what colored diamonds have been doing and will continue to do. People have been inclined more towards colored diamonds for some time now. These unique colored natural and lab-grown diamonds deserve all the attention as they are rare and hold value. The Pink Star was the most highlighted stone in the auction that was held on 4th April 2017. It was sold for $71.2 million to a Chinese-based jeweler.

Famous Fancy Colored Diamonds to Exist

There are ton of unique colored diamonds that are quite famous. We have listed a few.

  1. The Hope Diamond- Fancy dark greyish-blue diamond
  2. Blue Moon Diamond- Vivid blue diamond
  3. Wittelsbach Graff Diamond- Fancy greyish-blue diamond
  4. Moussaieff Red Diamond- Fancy Red Diamond

This was everything you needed to know about fancy colored diamonds. If you are interested in buying some gorgeous colored diamonds, New World Diamonds is the right place for you. You will get a wide variety of colored diamonds at a reasonable price. They have lab-grown diamond necklaces, rings, bracelets, and earrings as well. Not only this, but you can also customize your jewelry using colored diamonds. Amazing, right? Buy colored diamonds from New World Diamonds and meet your expectations.

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